Let’s know some information about Sundarbans travel.

The Sundarbans is one of the most popular tourist spots in Bangladesh and the Sundarbans in Bangladesh is full of natural diversity. The Sundarbans is the largest unbroken forest in the world. The Sundarbans covers an area of ​​10,000 sq km and has 6,017 sq km in Bangladesh.


Imagine traveling around the Sundarbans in a big ship, sometimes with small boats, traveling in the cool canals, then getting out of the boat, and entering the Sundarbans with joy. And will happily cut our Sundarbans voyage ship will sit at night singing concert open throat everyone will sing rejoice, The meeting will be frozen.

Traveling to the Sundarbans is a little different. You have to stay here on the ship for about three days, the whole ship becomes like a house. Eating, sleeping, and chatting are all on this ship. So the whole ship has to be rented. And for this reason, the Sundarbans trip starts from TK 5,000 depending on the size of the ship and up to. 30,000 depending on the category and facilities. And this is why the amount of money to travel to the Sundarbans is more than any other trip.



Event Details:
The journey will start: Khulna via Mawa by bus at 8 pm on November 8
The tour will end: I will leave Khulna by night bus on November 10 and arrive in Dhaka on the morning of November 11, inshallah.

Tour Fee: Tour fee has been fixed
– 8950 / – per person (3 sharing rooms)
– 9450 / – per person (2 sharing rooms)
– 10450 / – per person (couple bed + attached toilet)
(Talk directly to an admin about child costs)

If anyone wants to go by AC bus, another 1400 rupees will be added and a minimum of 20 days prior to the tour must be informed.

Everything you get in this money:
Dhaka-Khulna-Dhaka non AC bus
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, two snacks, always tea and coffee
Arrangement for three days stay on the ship
Armed guards of the forest
Forest entry fee fixed by the government
Ship safety equipment
Walking in the forest in a small boat
This means you don’t have to spend anything other than your personal expenses

Food quality: We always offer Jumpesh food on tours in the Sundarbans. Every day there will be Jumpesh food chess. Eating double menu food can make you gain weight. Besides, there is always a system of tea and coffee.

What you don’t get:
No food during Dhaka to Khulna to Dhaka bus break
No personal costs
Any costs beyond what is included in the tour fee

Wherever we go:
Dublar Char
Jamtala beach
Will try to show some more places subject to time.

Tour members: 48 people

Tour plan:
Day 0: I will leave Dhaka for Khulna by bus at 8/7 pm

Day 1: I will get off at Khulna BIWTA wharf at around 5/6 in the morning. Our ship will be ready there. We will get on the ship. Everyone will be given their own room on the ship. After visiting Harbaria Eco-Tourism Spot, I will leave for Katkar. The ship will stay at Katkata at night.



Day 2: I will get up very early in the morning, then I will travel in a trawler through the narrow canal of Sundarbans with a small trawler, then I will walk and see Jamtala beach through Tiger Point, I will come back again by ship. After lunch, I will go to Tiger Tila Deer Sanctuary. Then we will go to Hiran Point in the afternoon, we will see Hiran Point, Dublar Char which is also called the lap of light.

Day 3: I will get up in the morning and finish breakfast. Then I will leave for Khulna and see the crocodile breeding farm and mini zoo. I will come to Khulna in the afternoon, get off the ship, and leave for Dhaka again. I will come down to Dhaka the next morning.’




How to book:



1. You can come to our office and deposit money yourself.
2. You can deposit money at City Bank Limited (can be deposited from any branch).
Account number: 2701978027001
Account Name: Sabbir Ansary
63. If anyone wants to develop, they can do so at 01511082947 (personal). After bKash, the admin has to confirm the seat with the bKash transaction ID and his name by phone.
4. We can’t keep the booking verbally, so you have to confirm the booking by depositing Rs. 5,000 (non-refundable) at the time of booking. The rest of the money must be paid in full 7 days before the tour.
5. Subject to vacancy, the booking fee has to be paid by October 20.

Child Policy:



1. 0-3-year-old child absolutely free (will not get bus seat and extra room)
2. 3-6-year-old child – 80% fee (bus seat, no extra room, no food)
3. 6- Adult full charge

Some instructions:



1. Must have a travel thirsty mind and a mindset of sharing.
2. If a plane deviates from the regular plan of the tour due to any reason such as traffic jams, car accidents, or any natural calamity, then the decision has to be taken as a team. And because of unavoidable reasons, if there is extra cost outside the tour plan, the group leader will tell you the amount of extra money and everyone will give it to the group leader accordingly.
3. No intoxicants, drinks are not acceptable.
5. All the places of the tour are controlled by the forest rangers so you can stay and roam without any fear or worry.
. Money must be developed or deposited directly in our office. Enter your name, address, mobile number, and email ID in the inbox on our page. You will receive your ticket by mail or by hand.
. You can’t go anywhere without a team. Tell the team leader wherever you go.
. No way

The type of drug cannot be taken or taken with.
9. Decisions may change at any time depending on the circumstances.
10. In case of natural calamity, bus breakdown, no permission at the spot, extra cost, something that is not written on the tour, the extra money must be reported by the group admin and it has to be paid.
11. If the date changes on the sighting of the moon, then it will not be possible to postpone the tour. Because we have to arrange everything in advance. We have to accept it and go with it.

Cancel policy for our tour
*** Booking Money is totally non-refundable. Because bus tickets, hotel resorts, local transport, guides are all advanced on your booking money.
*** If someone can’t go, he has to manage his replacement. The group will definitely try to make an extra payment if his replacement is managed.
*** In case of cancellation of the tour due to natural calamity or bad weather, any cost or return from the tour booking money will be refunded.
*** *** If no one else can go, the remaining money must be reported by the group admin and it has to be paid.

Contact for booking or any need:
01511082947, 01877724798 (Riyadh)
01711084476 (Shuvo), 01917823456 (Bappy)
01624952469 (Asif)


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