Let’s see the floating market of Thailand from the country.

For those who are interested in the floating market in Thailand, those who are fascinated by the pictures of Kerala’s backwaters, let’s visit Barisal and Pirojpur, a water paradise. I guarantee you will forget all the sorrows of life, you will be filled with pride that there is such a beautiful place in the country.





I was talking about the rivers of Barisal-Pirojpur and the canals flowing inside the village. Paddy-river-canal Barisal these three- this is what many people know. But many people do not know what is the immense heavenly beauty hidden in this river-canal. There is a canal in favor of a river in every area of ​​Barisal. These canals have water flow even in the rainy season and winter. So it is possible to walk around the area all year round. Somewhere on either side of the small canal, somewhere in the crop field, somewhere in the fallow land, somewhere in the house – everything will look like a picture to you. After a while there are rural small markets. And he has all the fresh vegetables in the market. If you want to eat lunch, there is also an arrangement.





The most interesting thing that will catch your mind is the floating market. As it is a water-rich region, the role of boats in life here is naturally strong. How strong it is will not be understood without coming here. A large part of the business trade of the residents of this area is in the water. And because of this many floating markets have developed in Barisal and Pirojpur. There is a huge floating market of paddy and rice every Saturday and Tuesday in the evening river of Banaripara in Barisal. Hundreds of traders and householders have been bringing rice for sale since early morning. Many came to buy rice in empty boats. The whole process goes on sitting in the river.





In addition to the rice market, there is a floating vegetable market. There are several vegetable markets including Banaripara, Baithakatha of Nazirpur, Harta of Wazirpur, Mahmudkathi. Here also the local people bring their vegetables by boat and sell them by boat. The market has been frozen since morning. These boats are filled with locally produced red spinach, spinach, pui spinach, banana, chichinga, barbati, cucumber, tomato, radish etc. Extraordinary photogenic place It can be called the paradise of photographers. In the middle of calm water, vegetables are bought and sold in boats every now and then.








And if you go between July and October, you will see an unearthly beautiful market. That is Atghar’s floating guava market. About 80% of the total guava produced in Bangladesh is produced in different villages of Jhalokati. Guava is cultivated in about 24,000 acres of land in the areas of Atghar, Kuriana, Dumuria, Betra, Daluhar, Sadar, etc. About 500 crore rupees is traded in this market every season. Buy and sell every day from morning till noon. Guava farmers from far and wide bring their guavas to this market. And buyers also come from far and wide. Usually the whole pea is bought and sold in one lot. In the full season, you can buy this boat for 300 rupees.

So if you only get 2 nights and 1 day, let’s see the infinite beauty of South Bengal, let’s feel the form of Bengal.

What is the market?

– Banaripara rice market: Saturday and Tuesday
– Hartar vegetable market in Wazirpur: Sunday and Wednesday
– Nazirpur Ebaithakathi Vegetable Market: Saturday and Tuesday
– Bhimruli Guava Bazaar in Jhalokati: Daily (July to October)

If you want to see the market, it is better to go to the above day. All the markets sit very early in the morning and end in the afternoon so it is better to go in the morning. And if you just go to see the canal, you can go any day.

How to get there: 2-3 launches leave Sadarghat in Dhaka every evening at 6 pm at Banaripara in Pirojpur. He will get up and go down to Banaripara the next morning. Deck will be 180 rupees, cabin: 1000 rupees (single) and double 1600 rupees.

Besides, buses leave from Gabtali in Dhaka for Swarupkathi. Get up and go down to Banaripara. The rent will be 500 rupees.

You can also go to Barisal. Go to Barisal by launch and take a bus or auto to Banaripara.

How to get around: You will reach Banaripara by 8 am. Then why not have breakfast at a restaurant and come back to the river bank. Rent a big boat. Say you walk around for 7-8 hours like this: Banaripara, Baithakathi, Atghar-Kuriana, Bhimruli and Mahmudkathi. An engine boat with a seating capacity of 10-15 people will cost around Rs. 1500.

On the way back, take a bus from Banaripara to Guthia. After seeing the famous Baitul Aman Mosque in Guthia, Durgasagar took an auto and left. Then go to Barisal by bus and get on the launch at 8.30 pm for Dhaka.


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