Let’s visit Nawabganj Kalakopa.

Time is of the essence. All the children and old people have left the house. You have to go somewhere. Cox’s Bazar and Sajek are the most popular tourist destinations under pressure. But it is not possible for everyone to travel so far, right? Children do not have school holidays, but adults do not have office or business holidays. In this busy season of wandering, do you just have to see the pictures of other people’s happy travels on Facebook at home?
But in a hurry, I wanted to go out and I don’t have that condition now. It is almost impossible to get a bus seat in a remote area. There will be no place to stay now. The biggest thing is that now that there is an overflow of tourists everywhere, the traders are pushing for double the rent by showing the thumbs up to this formula of ‘prices fall when demand increases’. Harassment is happening especially in hotel room, boat and moon car rentals. The way then?
Even at that time, you can go out on a day trip with only 500 rupees. When taken with family or friends, these costs will come down further on average per capita. Come back from Kalakopa in Nawabganj. The icy air of the river and all the traditional ancient installations together with these two will give your eyes the peace of going to nature as well as the closeness of history.
Kalakopa is basically a village in Dohar. The name is not very well known yet. So there is no crowd of extra people. Bandura, a village near Kalakopar. It will take you about 2 hours to reach here.








What to watch:
Radhanath Saha’s house
Although known as zamindar houses, the ancient design houses of Kalakopa-Bandura are mainly for wealthy families who come here for business purposes. One of them is the house of Radhanath Saha. If you look at the architectural style of the house, you have to admit that the gentleman had a taste. However, the name of the house is now ‘Adnan Palace’. The new owner of the house has given this name.
Kokilpeyari zamindar’s house
It is a 200 year old house. The same goes for other installations. If you want to know from the locals, you can hear various stories about the houses. However, it was not known whether Kokilpeyari was a zamindar or his wife. If you go through the Ansar camp, you will first find a broken temple. The next house is the zamindar’s house in Kokilpairi.







Lawyer’s house
Location of the lawyer house of the dazzling house of the Kokilpeyari zamindar. It is also an installation of the elite of that time. However, according to the profession of the current owner, the lawyer’s house got the name.
Zamindar Brajen Saha’s Braj Niketan
It is located right next to the lawyer’s house. At present it is better known as Judge’s House. Because once a judge came and started living in an abandoned house. Judge’s house is like the life of Kalakopar. The market has developed around it. Pet Chitra deer will add extra usefulness to the visit of the beautifully decorated house.
Home of Mr. Babu Loknath Saha
This house is known as Mathbari or Telibari. The huge house is still intact. However, the new color on the walls of the house proves that care is enough. That must be because the house now houses the 29th Ansar Battalion. It is heard that Loknath Babu was in the oil business. Since then the name Telibari. This is Telibari with a few buildings. In particular, the Telibari Mahal on the banks of the Ichhamati attracts the attention of travelers.
Madhubabu’s Painna house








You will also notice the architectural style of Painna house. The porch, doors, windows and other parts of the house have fine craftsmanship. Madhubabu, one of the three owners of this house, became rich by running a drinking business.
Poddar’s house and Kali’s house
The two houses are very close together. The construction style is also of the same genre.
Vigraha temple of Khelaraam donor
The temple, decorated with full reverence and devotion, is a symbol of peace. It is also about 200 years old. The temple still stands with the ancient tradition in its bosom. There is a huge pond next to the temple. There are various stories about Khelarama among the locals. You will hear them without going! It would be nice.
Temple of Goddess Mahamaya
Kalakopa – Another notable monument of Bandura is the temple of Mahamaya Devi. Surprisingly, no goddess is worshiped in this temple. Worship is the trunk of an ancient tree. The tree was brought in to build a house. But when it comes to cutting, disaster strikes. Blood comes out from the trunk of a dead tree. Hindus consider the tree sacred and build a temple around it. The temple, established in 1335, is still standing today.
Church of the Beads Queen
The church of Japmala Rani is located at Hasanabad, a short distance from the above mentioned installations. However, you can walk here. Hasanabad Church also calls many places by the name of the area. The church was built in 18. There is a huge bell on the roof of the church. A unique example of Gothic art, the church is surrounded by trees.
Ichhamati river








The Ichhamati river is nothing to look at separately. Because the river Kalakopa-Bandura is intertwined in such a way that you have to meet the river. And the river of Bengal means boundless peace.

Take a look at Dohar’s location on Google Maps.
How to get there:
Absolutely read out early in the morning. Since it is winter and the days are short, it is better to start early. You will get direct Kalakopa-Bandura bus from Gulistan, Babubazar, Keraniganj, Saidabad, Jatrabari. The rent is 80 to 100 rupees. There are food shops. Lunch will be 100 to 150 TK. And the entrance fee of Adnan Palace has been fixed, 30 rupees. The diameter no longer costs.





The houses of Kalakopa-Bandura are unique examples of Greek architecture. As well as being in the village towards the green shade. Nearby is Manot Ghat. After visiting here, you can also go this way. But keep in mind that looking at the calm Padma during the winter will not be like the rough sea of ​​the monsoon, then there is no need to be unnecessarily disappointed. Happy traveling.


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