Let’s visit some of the most eye-catching places in North Bengal.

Travel will first make you speechless, then force you to tell stories! – Ibn Battuta!

More or less everyone wants to go from Teknaf to Tetulia! I also had a long wish, and by the grace of God it happened! I have been to Teknaf several times! Many have gone to Teknaf! But it will not be understood that Tetuliao is not less! So a group of 20 people took 2 microbuses to Tetulia! So let’s start our travel story, hope you like it and find a lot of new places, especially those who are thirsty for travel! Our journey started from Pabna! The first destination is Tetulia, which is given in phases-



! (List of expenses will be given at the end of all)!

# Tetulia- I reached Tetulia around 4 in the morning, just a little further from Tetulia bus stand, you can find _ # Tetulia_picnic_spot! The gate is open since dawn! And from here at dawn (just before sunrise) that Himalayan Kanchenjunga is clearly visible if the sky is clear! We also saw that fortune is good! Here we left Banglabandha till 7 o’clock



#Banglabandha_zero_poet- Tea garden after sight while going to Zeropoet! Half of Bangladesh and half of India! Stones can be seen from the river Mahananda! Zero Point Bangladesh-India Gate, Flag, Cut Wire Bera, Distance to Sikkim (132 km), and some seating for sitting! After staying here for 1 hour, I ate breakfast and left for Panchagarh!



# Panchagarh- I left Panchagarh city and went to Mirzapur Sahi Mosque! A small mosque built during the Mughal, Sahi period is still worth seeing!

#Thakurga- On the way from Panchagarh, I could not leave out the monuments of Tonka Nath, the king of Thakurga! It was also worth watching!



#Nilphamari- Then Aslam Nilphamari around noon! I saw the famous sugar mosque, Teesta Barrage! 2 ties were worth watching! The road was in the middle of a paddy field and only trees and shrubs on both sides of the road! After that, I spent the evening at Teesta Barrage and came to Soedpur and spent the night!



# Dinajpur- I left Vela Vela Hotel in the morning and reached Dinajpur Kantajew Temple in the morning, after having breakfast there, I went around Rajbari in Dinajpur # Swapna-Puri! More or less everyone has come to Sapna-Puri, those who did not come were invited! An ideal place to hang out with family or small children! It only takes 1 whole day here, but we haven’t been here for a long time as we have come many times before!



#Rangpur- The city of Rangpur is tidy, and the Tajhat Palace in Oikhan is in the Indian Memorial Victoria, no one will miss it if you go to Rangpur! I left for Bogra in the afternoon!



#Mahasthangarh- It was 6 pm when I came to Mahasthangarh, for which I did not enter the museum! The museum closes at 5.30 pm! However, we turned to the outer part of Aslam Pabna!

The programmer’s time was 3 nights and 2 days!

Cost- In Taka–
Micro Scaffolding (2 hrs) – 36,500 / = [2 days 3 nights]
Hotel 1 night – 4,000 / = [20 people 5 rooms]
Parking – 1200 in all
Eat- Better food is available between 100-150!


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