Like a bed of lotus flowers in the chest of water.

Padma is called the queen of aquatic flowers. Naturally born lotus flower enhances the beauty of the image of Gopalganj beel. From a distance it would seem as if someone had left to get a flower bed. Visitors are coming to enjoy this beauty every day!





There are innumerable bills on all four sides of Gopalganj district. One of them is Balakir Bill of Sadar Upazila. Gopalganj is only 12 km away from the district headquarters. Since 1986, most of the land in the beel has grown naturally during the monsoon season. And for this reason, this bill has now become known as Padma Bill.





Only lotus and lotus all around in the rainy season. The sight of pink lotuses across a wide area captivates the mind. As far as the eye can see, only lotus and lotus. Such an amazing scene is giving a hand to the travelers. Hundreds of people are coming every day from different parts of the country to see the beauty and lotus of this bill.





How to get there: -Dhaka Gulistan bus terminal to Madhumati or Tungipara Express to Gopalganj city! From there take CNG to Karpara Bazar! 5 minutes walk from Karpara Bazar to Padma Bill …


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