Lonely visit Bholaganj.

I have traveled a couple of times alone in Bichnakandi and Jaflong. But he did not have the good fortune to go to Bholaganj alone. The last two times the road was bad and due to the flood, I couldn’t even try the white stone (of course the road is much better now). In between, friends are reluctant to go because they are busy. That day on Friday I suddenly decided to go alone to see the white stone. Work as you think. According to the plan, I boarded a special bus from Habiganj to Sylhet at 10 am and left for Sylhet in an hour and a half. Then I took a CNG autorickshaw from Amber Khana in Sylhet for 130 TK and went straight to Bholaganj Ghat No. 10. Before going there, I was wondering if I would get a boat. And even if I do, will I meet any other team or not. I was lucky enough to find a team. And because I have joined the other group, it costs 100 TK per person (white stone boat rent is fixed at 800 rupees and 8 people can get on one boat). Within fifteen minutes I reached the coveted white stone and enjoyed that traditional beauty. After spending an hour there, I returned to my hometown.




A few general tips –



* If you have enough time, you can go by bus instead of CNG autorickshaw. It will take 1 hour and 40 minutes. Where CNG fare is 130 TK per person, bus fare is only 60TK. A short walk from Amberkhana will take you to Bholaganj by bus from Majumdari bus stand.



* I saw many packets of chips, empty bottles and other garbage dumped in the vicinity of Bholaganj Sadapathar. Even at the main spot of the white stone, many people have left their one-time glasses, plates, and drink bottles in the water for lunch. Which cannot be accepted in any way. It is our duty to keep the tourist centers beautiful and clean. So we need to make sure that no tourist center is unclean.

*** Keep your surroundings clean and tidy.


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