Low cost Nafakhum Amiyakhum tour plan.

Amiyakhum, Nafakhum’s name increases the romanticism of many, the number of people who do not want to go to these two places on the Remakri canal is very low, and the number of students who want to go is more than the number of students, guide cost, boat, moon car -6000, so many people can’t go to these places despite their desire. Besides, Eid is coming, many people will want to go there, so for those who want to visit Nafakhum, Amiyakhum at low cost, I plan to visit Nafakhum, Amiyakhum at low cost. This plan will actually benefit my suffering.






Our plan is for a group of 10 people, if the number of people is less then the cost will increase in proportion and if there are more people then the cost will decrease in that proportion.





My complete plan is given:

1st night: Departure from Dhaka to Bandarban by non AC bus, cost Tk. 720.

Day 1: Breakfast in Bandarban in the morning, paratha, fried eggs, pulses, along with tea, the highest cost is 75 Tk.

After breakfast you will go to Thanchi bus stand, 5 people can go by auto, take 10 rupees. You will get on the first car from Thanchi bus stand at 8 am, the fare will be 200 Tk.







Prepare the guide in advance, it will take about 4:30 hours to go to Thanchi, meet the guide after going to Thanchi. After lunch there, after completing the process of police station, BGB camp, he will rent a boat for Padma Jhiri. The boat will be rented at a maximum of 1200 Tk (800-1000 and maybe). 5 people will get on one boat. Per head is 240 Tk.







Get down to Padmajhiri and start walking towards Thuisapara, it will take 6-7 hours to reach Thuisapara, after reaching there you will go to the house of a tribal, tell the guide to cook, if he cooks you will eat and sleep at night.

Day 2: Get up in the morning, get up and your guide will fix the guide from Thuisapara, tell him to go around Satvaikhum, Velakhum by raft. Then leave Amiyakhum, Amiyahum, Satvaikhum, Velakhum and return to Thuisapara before evening. This night also remained in Thuisapara.




Day 3: You will start this day in the morning, you must leave by 6 o’clock, you will leave for Remakri, you will start walking after having a light breakfast in the morning, the road is very easy, you can reach Nafakhum by walking along Remakri canal for 4 hours, there is 1 hour Rejoice, you will start walking again for the purpose of Remakri, Remakri will reach after walking for about 2 hours, Thanchi will come from there by boat. Boat rent 2500-3000 rupees, 5 people will get up.




The last bus from Thanchi is at 2 o’clock, so keep this in mind, reach Thanchi, have breakfast and get on the bus. 200 will be rented, I hope that bus will reach Bandarban by 6 pm, from there you will have dinner and get on the bus to Dhaka, the fare is 620 rupees.

This is the Dhaka to Dhaka plan.

Cost calculation

1. Dhaka to Bandarban non AC bus– 720 Tk.
2. Total 9 meals (Guide mast will cook, buy rice, vegetables, chicken from the neighborhood while you are in the neighborhood, buy the spices yourself beforehand) – 9 * 100 = 900 Tk maximum
3. Bandarban to Thanchi bus fare = 200 Tk
4. Guide = 6000 rupees, if 10 people, 600 Tk each
5. Thanchi to Padmajhiri boat rental – 1200 Tk per boat, 5 people per boat, 240 rupees per head.
6. Two nights stay in Thuisapara = 2 * 100 = 200 Tk
6. Remakri to Thanchi boat rent = 3000/5 = 600 Tk
6. Thanchi to Bandarban bus fare = 200 Tk.
9. Bandarban to Dhaka bus fare = 720 Tk






Then the total cost is

720 + 900 + 10 + 200 + 600 + 240 + 200 + 600 + 200 + 720 = 4290 Tk.

(The cost of Thuisapara’s guide, the cost of building a raft will be given by Thanchi’s guide, the cost of food can be further reduced)


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