Madhabkunda spring.

Madhabkunda Jharna which is known as the highest waterfall in Bangladesh. This beautiful waterfall is located in Baralekha upazila of Moulvibazar district of Sylhet division. Madhabkund was once a natural waterfall for tourists. Now many more fountains have been found inside the country. However, Madhabkunda Jharna is still the main attraction for waterfall tourists.






The hill on which the water is flowing is made of rock which is known as Patharia hill (formerly: Adam isle hill). Rhymes cover a large part of it. The Gangamara rhyme flows over this hill. This rhyme has become Madhabkund waterfall and has fallen down. In other words, the water flowing through the Ganges [as of 12 October 1999] falls from a height of about 162 feet and flows through the Madhabchhara. Usually water flows in a main stream all the time, when the rainy season comes, another small stream is formed next to the main stream and in the rainy season, the two streams merge into one and the water flows sharply. This huge stream of water has created a huge pond below. The water of this Madhabchhara flows towards the west and merges with Hakaluki Haor.


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