Magic Paradise Comilla of Mainamati.

Everyone already knows that this aesthetic park is located in the Kotbari forest next to Comilla University in Mainamati. However, I have highlighted the heavenly beauty of Magic Paradise with your video today.

# Tickets: –
Entry Fee-200 / –
Water Pool-300 / –
Any ride – 100 / –
If you go to the package, you will get – any three rides + water pool as per entry + choice. Where you save 300 TK.



# What’s in it-
A few steps in front of you right after the dock, a magician will show you magic for free.
You will see living dinosaurs that became extinct thousands of years ago. Which moves and also gives sound.



There you will find all kinds of rides for children, including carousels, trains, roller coasters.
There is also a water pool. Otherwise, the joy of your park will remain incomplete. Slipper climbing, stepping into the water, jumping with artificial waves can all be done there. There is music with it.



# Food-
There is a food facility inside. You will also get lunch along with breakfast. (Raw + Cold drink + Bottle of water. You will get this package for 200 TK)

There is adequate security, excellent sanitation system, arrangements for prayers, a separate system for men and women.



How to go
From Dhaka, take a bus to Comilla Paduar Bazar and get off at Kotbari Biswaroad (AC-250, non-AC-150/200). From there, drop off at Kotbari-10.



On the way back or on the way you can visit the Mainamati Museum, Bird, Buddhist Temple. Your one day tour will be forever memorable.



Caution – Do not climb into this lane until one is completely finished while riding the slipper. If for some reason he gets stuck in the middle and your extreme speed from behind can cause something terrible to happen.



BD: There is dirt here and there and many people spit and spit in the water pool. Hey, here we are. It is our responsibility to keep the water clear. I hope everyone will refrain from doing these ugly things to protect the environment.


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