Mahera zamindar house, Natiapara, Tangail.

On the way back to Dhaka, he saw Mehera zamindar’s house and returned to Dhaka

Mahera zamindar house, Natiapara, Tangail

I went to visit Tangail and cycled for 4 days a lot ….

And the most beautiful of Tangail is “Mehera Zamindar Bari” …

As mentioned earlier, the main purpose of going to Tangail was to visit “Mehera Zamindar Bari” …

This side of the Jamuna bridge means I left Tangaik’s Bhuapur for Dhaka …

Location of Mehera Zamindar Bari at Natiapara near Tangail-Dhaka Highway …. I came to Natiapara from Bhuapur in one fell swoop and reached “Mehera Zamindar Bari” through the back of someone’s toilet with the help of Google Mama.

Mehera Zamindar is now known as the Police Training Center because the police are trained here … I bought a ticket and parked my bicycle and went to the zamindar’s house for the first time ….

“Singhadwar Kalicharan Lodge” … Dukalam inside … The inside of Kalicharan Lodge has the history of our victory of independence and the history of “Mehera Zamindar Bari” …

The whole zamindar’s house looked so beautiful that I can’t describe it in writing … and the workmanship of the big buildings really deserves a lot of praise …

I am writing a short history of “Mehera Zamindar Bari” below. I hope you will read it.

Geographical location: –
Mehera zamindar’s house is just 3 km east of the Natiapara-Fatehpur road connected to the Dhaka-Tangail highway.

→→→ Naming: –
It is known as Mehera zamindar bari as it is located in Mehera union of Mirzapur upazila of Tangail district.





History: –
The zamindar house was established in the style of Cordoba, Spain before the 1890s. In the war of independence, the Pak army attacked the Mehera zamindar house and brutally killed five villagers, including the bride of the zamindar house.

Later they left the country by boat on the river Lohjong. It was here that the Mukti Bahini camp was set up.

The zamindar house was established as a police training school in 1982 and the police training school was upgraded to a police training center in 1990.

The rest of the information is given in the pictures ….





I visited Mehera zamindar’s house for about 1 hour, although I hurried to Dhaka before evening to return ….

By 3 pm I cycled 126 km and came home ..

And seeing the last Mehera zamindar house, my 4 day Tangail tour came to an end …

Beautiful Bangladesh
Take a look
Learn history and let others know

Please do not leave any packaged food in the dustbin wherever you go …. Remember to be aware of the environment yourself and many more will be alert ….






How to go:

Many buses are available from Gabtali or Mohakhali in Dhaka to Tangail. The fare will probably be 120-160 TK and AC will probably be 250 TK ….

If you get off at Natiapara or Fatehpur by bus, you can get off directly in front of the zamindar’s house by CNG … and if you take a car, there are parking facilities ….

You have to buy a ticket for 80 rupees to enter ….
And there is a separate place to eat inside ….

It seems to be the best place for a one day tour …. and if you go by bus, you can cover the whole day for 700-800 rupees (including food and drink)

Thank you (if you make a mistake, please let me know)


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