Maheshkhali to Sonadia Island.

Where the border ends, the destination is now there. The objective was to reach Shahpari Island via Teknaf in Cox’s Bazar district bordering the Bay of Bengal and Sonadia Island via Maheshkhali in phases. Shahpari Island in the Sabrang Union, 15 sq km east of Maungdaw in Myanmar and west of the Bay of Bengal at the mouth of the Naf River. Blue sea and deep water as far as the eye can see. Although it was slightly foggy, there was no fog, so St. Martin’s Coral Island was also seen.





Deep sea fishing, salt farming, agriculture is the main occupation of the people of this island. Although it is an island of salty cheese, both coconut water and tubewell water are delicious. Those who go will not come without eating dab. We didn’t miss it either. The Rohingya community with everyone, but we actually ate Aslam Dab. Although they are very old Rohingya and the price of coconut was very low. If you walk along the western side of the island, you will see the process of making dry goods by the locals.






Salt is cultivated by entering the land with canal water. As far as the eye can see, salt cultivation and salt piles. Gangchil was a dancing companion on every path. In the evening the sun sets and then the full moon is ready to enjoy. Celebrating the full moon by pitching a tent at the beach point of Teknaf is like many birds in one stone. Undoubtedly, thanks to the claimant Kshanika for adopting Jewel Bhai. The whole tour was successful because of his cooperation in this journey. The night ends at night enjoying the sun. Morning light breaks through the tent and wakes up. The journey begins on a new day. As I continue along Marine Drive, I am amazed to see the mountain range of Teknaf.





The hills of the three hill regions and the hills of Teknaf are very different. I will not miss this mountain rhyme next time InshaAllah. The purpose is now the famous Centennial Roaring Garden of Mother Tree in Jahajpur. When you see these dazzling trees, it seems as if nature has planted them in rows with its own hands. The trees of this long straight white roaring garden are calling the blue sky with their hands. Journey Now Maheshkhali is the only hilly island in Bangladesh. However, Maheshkhali can be reached by road from Chakaria Badarkhali. We reached Maheshkhali in 15 minutes by speed boat from Cox’s Bazar Ghat No.6.





Lunch was served at a famous hotel called “Mistimukh” in Maheshkhali. Definitely don’t miss the local sweet “black jam” at this hotel. At the end of the meal the red crab island is intended for Sonadia. I took CNG to a place called Ghatibhanga. There are two ways to go to Sonadia. Boats / boats if there is tide or on foot when there is no tide. Since there was no tide, we had to walk 6 kilometers. Then evening came. Nisteb, Niribili Sonadia is like another world. The roar of the sea on one side and the dull sound of darkness on the other are like a ghostly environment. At the end of the night, the kingdom of the dawn world is the red crabs. It is as if the market is full of crabs. As far as the eyes go red and red. As he approached, Ghayb seemed to be playing hide and seek. The blue sea, the snails floating on the beach, and the touch of red crabs all over Sonadia beach. The red-blue-green ceremony left the island and set sail for Maheshkhali. Maheshkhali became Bashkhali and then dear Chittagong.




(No matter where you go, it is your moral responsibility to keep the environment clean. So bring indigestible things back to the specified place or bag without leaving them there.)


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