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Moinot Ghat is located in Dohar, Dhaka, where you will be mesmerized by the magnificent waters of the Padma River. This huge body of water, watching the fishermen’s boats floating on the Padma and walking on the banks of the Padma, all together for a while you will feel that you are now at Cox’s Bazar beach, not at Dohar in Dhaka. This is the main reason why many people call Manot Ghat Mini Cox’s Bazar. (Folklore)



In my opinion, looking at this milky colored water, the old skin in the sun is useless. People do not understand how to compare it with Cox’s Bazar. It was also a day of innumerable good and bad matches. Trying to give a brief idea.

(No effects were used in the video, you can turn it around if your expectations are fulfilled)



Whatever you likeঃ

Views on both sides of the road from Mohammadpur Basila Road to Maintghat. Somewhere a completely rural feel can be found and somewhere a wide bill on both sides. Only if you can enjoy this day will feel successful.

Whether it’s a speedboat trip or a boat trip, it feels good! So the 15-minute journey on the speed board was awesome.

Ukilbari in Nawabganj, zamindar houses of Ansar camp, Adnan Palace are impossibly eye-catching.

What’s so bad about it-

Impossible muddy water.

Food. I thought I would eat fresh hilsa by dipping my wrist in Padmapara. I have never eaten such tasteless hilsa in my life.

Numerous broken and uneven roads filled.

Those who go to the bike must wear full sleeves and wear a helmet. The body is old useless for this tour.

If there is a clean environment without garbage, peace can be found even in ugly places. The travel environment is getting lost day by day due to garbage. We all refrain from throwing garbage.


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