Manot Ghat aka Mini Cox-Bazar.

The place is actually inside Dhaka district,
The tour is more fun when you’re away, but there are a lot of places around us that aren’t that bad, just close by.
Manot is such a place
Tomorrow is a holiday, where can I go, I suddenly remembered the name Manot, many people have gone, so I want to go out of Dhaka, again I think it is like outside Dhaka, at 11 pm I planned to go with 5 friends
I got on the bus from Gulistan at 10 am, the name of the bus is Jamuna
If it rises in the Jamuna, it will reach the Padma, the fare is -90 / = but if it is said earlier, it will go for 80 TK, it takes only an hour and a half
Manot came,





I got down and ate lunch, rice with bharta, hilsa and shrimp, you can eat whatever you like, but you have to fix the price first.
Then it’s time to go down to the river …
The sky was very cloudy the day we went, it was fun to chill in the Padma in that weather, and there was good water in the river, which looked almost like Cox’s Bazar.
Only those who know how to swim should get down, because the currents are very high in the rainy season, once you go too far and get caught in a cyclone
That’s how far you can go
I took a bath in the afternoon and it rained at the end, this scene is indescribable
After taking a bath, I looked around the house and saw that it was falling on the road
After that I got on the bus and went back to Dhaka
Our per capita cost was bus fare – 160 TK








And lunch – 150, although not everyone eats so much food
We could have reduced the cost further
You can spend a beautiful day for around 300 TK
Translations into Assamese: Manot’s beauty depends on the weather
You may not be as lucky as us
So good luck to everyone, and very sorry if you wrote something wrong


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