Manu Mia Zamindar Bari is a unique example of nobility and taste.

The zamindar system was in vogue in the Indian subcontinent from the rise of the Mughal Empire to the British rule. The houses of those zamindars are basically called zamindar houses. Witness of tomorrow, these zamindar houses are scattered all over Bangladesh like a spider’s web. Each zamindar’s house seems to be proud to witness the history of each zamindar’s kingdom.






The zamindars of that time used to rule over the subjects of the state from the houses of these zamindars. The zamindars used to build houses with various designs and crafts to show their dominance and nobility. These zamindar houses paint a vivid picture of that era in the depths of our minds. The attraction of tourists towards the zamindar houses that are standing now is always skyrocketing.

There are many such zamindar houses in Narsingdi district near Dhaka, some of which are under government surveillance but most of which are almost destroyed today due to carelessness and negligence. However, the Manu Mia zamindar house has a completely different style. It is located at Ghorashal in Palash upazila of Narsingdi district. This very beautiful and tidy zamindar’s house has remained invisible to everyone.









The former Ghorashal zamindar house is now known to the locals as Manu Mia zamindar house. Although Manu Mia is called Zamindar Bari, Ghorashal Zamindar Bari consists of three separate houses.

The three adjoining houses are Maulvi Abdul Kabir’s house, Nazmul Hasan’s house and Manu Mia’s house. However, the zamindar house is known by the name of Manu Mia as he was a prominent person of the area.

How to go: –

Ghorashal zamindar’s house can be reached from Dhaka in several ways. Many more buses including PPL, Badshah, KTL, Chalanbil leave for Narsingdi every hour from Dhaka’s Mohakhali bus terminal. Rent 60-70 rupees.

On the way to Narsingdi via Tongi Abdullahpur, you have to get off at Ghorashal Bridge. Go down the stairs from the bridge and reach Manu Mia Zamindar’s house by renting an auto or CNG for 10 rupees.

But the best way is to train at low cost. Several trains run on the Dhaka-Narsingdi route throughout the day. Rent 20-25 rupees. You can get off at Narsingdi station and go to Ghorashal by bus or CNG. The local train (Karnafuli) leaves Kamalapur station every day at 8:30. This train can actually get off directly at Ghorashal station. From there to Manu Mia Zamindar Bari.







Short_history: –

The age of this historic installation is about 246 years. Babul Mia, the current caretaker of the house, said that the house was built in 116 BS. Its founder was Zamindar Sajda Mia. Ahmadul Kabir Manu Mia, the successor of this dynasty, was the son of Abu Yusuf Lutful Kabir alias Fenu Mia, the zamindar of Ghorashal.

Born in 1923, Manu Mia is a well-known journalist in Ghorashal area. After independence, he was elected as a Member of Parliament of Bangladesh Jatiya Sangsad from Narsingdi-2 constituency in 1979 and 1986 as an independent candidate. He died at the age of 80 in 2003 at the Apollo Glengale Hospital in Kolkata.

Manu Mia, surrounded by open and green trees, will feel a different kind of peace as soon as he enters the zamindar’s house. The huge white palace is the main attraction of this manor house. However, as it is not a picnic spot or tourist center, one cannot enter here without the permission of the caretaker.

Although the ground floor of the main house is locked, you can go upstairs to the roof to spend time. There is another old house right next to the main house. If you want you can come back there.

Just behind the house, which is full of colorful flowers, there is a huge pond and paved ghat. A lot of time can be spent sitting in the dock in the midst of this form of nature. Spread over an area of ​​10 acres, the house will have a touch of absolute care, which is quite different from other zamindar houses.

If you look around the house, you will understand how tasteful and fancy the owner was. It is better to take permission to take pictures as it is private property. And as much as possible, stay away from the hustle and bustle.

Apart from Manu Mia zamindar’s house, there are many other places of interest in Narsingdi. Among them Laxman Saha’s house, Girish Chandra Sen’s house, Wari Bateshwar, Dream Holiday Park are notable. You can plan a trip to Narsingdi district to visit outside Dhaka in one day.

Above all you need my conscious attitude the most. We should fulfill our civic duty properly without littering. Collect perishable or indigestible waste in your own bag. The country is ours, we are also responsible for the maintenance of the country’s resources.


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