Marayon Tong Mountain, Ali’s Cave, and the Monster Damtua Falls.

On the 4th I left Fakirapul at 11.30 pm on Hanif bus with a fare of 750 TK per person for Alikadam. I reached Alikadam at 8 in the morning. As soon as I got down at the bus stand, after breakfast I rented an auto for 20 TK per person and left for Alirguha. The auto will come down on the other side of the river in front of Ali Guha. Leaving the bag at TomTom, I arranged for a boat to come across the river with the necessary things and a torchlight for 20 TK per person. Then 3-4 minutes up the hill and walk straight to the first cave and to the left you will find another cave. We have no guide. One of the two auto mamas who was with us came with us on his own. Another bag was for viewing. The first thing you will notice when you enter Ali cave is the weather. It seems that the temperature has decreased by 9-10 degrees. After a 10-15 minute walk, the main adventure begins. As soon as you climb the stairs, you have to walk in the light of the torch. After visiting 2 caves, I went to the residential area with Tomtom. Residential will take 30-40 TK from the cave. Residents do not go and bathe in the pond. After lunch, rest and go to the night market for Marayantang. Down in front of the road below Marayantang then start walking. We have no guide here either. Even if we take Marayantang in a simple way, no one knows how big a challenge Marayantang is going to throw at us. Although there are high and low flat roads in all the hills, Marayantang has to be climbed only steeply. After walking for 10-15 minutes, it started to rain. Somehow we kept the bags under a tree and kept getting wet. As soon as it started raining lightly, I started getting up again. We walked a little slower because of the rain. After about 1.30 hours, I crossed Murang Para and came and sat under a big tree. Then I started walking again. As soon as I got a little higher, I could see the game of clouds. Cloud’s game seemed to have started better because of the rain. After a while, we reached our destination Marayantang peak. As soon as we got up, we were covered in clouds. The only thing that came out of everyone’s mouth was “SubhanAllah”.



As soon as the tent was pitched, it started raining again. But this time it rained for about 2 hours. In the meanwhile, darkness descended all around. Meanwhile, the tent was filled with water and before the 2 tents were pitched, the water was still there.

Meanwhile, the local little boy Iqbal came to stay with us. I will fix it later. You can’t stay in Chura. I started to go down to the base of the night in the light of the torch with the necessary things and food towards the sleeping room at the bottom of the field. The matter was risky but there was no other way. Jhum prepares dinner tonight and sleeps. I decided to get up at 4 in the morning and go to Chura. The tents need to be packed again. I woke everyone up at 4 o’clock. Just as Jhum was before we arrived, I cleaned up in the same way and climbed to the top in the cold, dark, torchlight. I packed everything up at the top and started descending at 6 o’clock in the morning. It didn’t take long to get down from the summit. I went to the bus stand, had breakfast, bought a bus ticket to Dhaka, left the bag, and left with a bike for 800 rupees. Each bike can seat 2 people. This 18 km road from Alikadam is called the highest road in Bangladesh. After submitting a photocopy of the national registration at the 10 kg army camp, I left for 18 kg. You will find a small shop. After having tea from the shop, I left for Damtua with a guide for 1000 TK. First, wear Adu Para then Member Para- Tamatai Para- Namsak Para- Kakhaipara and then Damtua Jharna. There are 2 more fountains along the way. Wangpa and Tampra. It took about 6 hours to come and go. After changing clothes and eating, I got on the bus at 6.30 am for Dhaka.

Dhaka – Alikadam Bus: 650
Bus stand – Alirguha: 20
Boat: 20
Aliraguha – Residential: 40
Residential – Mayantang: (25 + 25) = 50
Bikes (coming and going) = 400
Damtua Guide: (1000 ÷ 9) = 111
Alikadam – Dhaka: 650
(Food costs are the same as yours)
We have spent 3000 / – per person. If there is more tour, it is possible to give fewer tours.


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