Marigold flower garden

Pile flower garden. The huge field in the background can be seen in the middle of January, there is a combination of various flowers. Gladiolus, gerberas, roses, lotus, and many more flowers.




I went on November 25, 2017  Flower trees are being planted in all the fields. The local farmer said, “Come in January and you will see only flowers and flowers. All the flowers you see on TV are from this. Hundreds of people come to see these flowers.”



One van driver said, “24th means the day before I Came, 500 people  have come to see the flowers on Friday, .”



If you go now, you will find some gerbera gardens and gladiolus. Roses cannot be seen much because all the roses are cut off very early in the morning for sale.

@Way to go: 

Jessore by bus/train from Dhaka / any district. Gadkhali junction from Jessore. Panisara flower garden for 10 TK by van from Gadkhali junction.


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