Mayung Kapal / Hatimura is a stairway to heaven in the world of travel

The locals also know it as the elephant’s head. In the world of travel, it is widely known as the stairway to heaven.



If you want to go, first you have to get off in front of Jamtalistha passenger camp on the way from Khagrachhari Sadar to Panchhari. Car rental from Khagrachhari Sadar to Jamtali is 15 rupees per person in local auto or CNG. Then take the road on the left side of the passenger camp at Jamtali and go straight across the Chengi river to the school road on the right. The name of the school is Paltanjay Soh Primary School. Go there and find a shop. Take the road to the right in front of the shop. Two bamboo bridges must be crossed. Then you have to cross another small bamboo-tree bridge on the right side of the rhyme and go straight ahead. There will be a neighborhood called Bagra Para. Then a wide rhyme will be read in front of them. Then you have to cross a big hill. Once you cross it, you will find a locality called Kaptala. Then you have to take the low path on the right-hand side, you will find two roads in front of you and you will have to take the road on the right side. Then you will see the extraordinary Mayung Kapal. All in all, trekking will take about 2 hours.




When traveling, be careful to protect the environment. Do not leave plastic polythene or indigestible items everywhere, because it is your responsibility to preserve the natural environment of the country.


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