Mayung Kapal.

The place has been very hyped for some time now! So I also had a plan to visit the place on Khagrachhari district tour …

But, to enter Khagrachhari from Chittagong, it is 11 o’clock … then we turn around Risang, Tareng and Alutila and get off at the bus stand at 3 o’clock …

I got down at the bus stand and started asking everyone where is the place? How does it go? No one can say …! The last one said, go to Jamtali, there is a temple here, the road has gone past the temple …







I came to the temple at 3:30 … I asked the people around me how long it would take to go around … everyone said it is not possible to come today or tomorrow … some say it will take one day, some say it will take 6-7 hours …! Some say you can go now, but it will be night when you come back … then everything will be snatched away …

After hearing all this, I decided in my heart, I will go today, whatever is in my forehead … I walked away saying Bismillah …



After walking for 10 minutes, Chengi canal fell .. I got on the boat and asked if anyone knew the way to the stairs. I got a good one, he will cross the stairs and go to the next village. He said go with me, it will take about 1 hour, you know the way when you go, it will be dark when you come, you have to come alone …

So sign! I walked in the name of Allah … whatever is in my fortune … I will go today … I will come to see what is there …!

After crossing the boat, the three of us started walking, around 3:45 … I was looking at the clock again and again, I had to come back with the lights on … I was flying on the trail … I was running … I was having a hard time, that 11 The last time I ate, there was no water … the condition is very bad …






I am walking on the road, it is not the end .. I look at the clock again and again, a bag weighing 7-8 kg on my back! I’m going up the hill, I’m just going up … He’s just coming and going for a while … He looks away with his finger, he sees the stairs … I just hoo ha ha, but I don’t see anything …!

At 4:10 pm the sky turned black, there was thunder in the sky, strong wind .. I got scared this time, maybe I left somehow .. but how can I come back!

Anyway, after walking like this for a while longer, I reached my destination at 4:30! Ah! Peace! Purpose successful! Reached in just 45 minutes! (I don’t get along with everyone at this time, I had a lot of trekking experience before, so I managed, it would take 1: 30-2 hours for a normal person)

Then I climbed the stairs … I climbed the huge boundary around … I might reach heaven this time! What a wonderful environment …!



After standing on the stairs for a while, it started raining …! The rain is really over, it’s almost dark all around! And it’s impossible to get that way in the rain!

I started running again … I started running again … I reached the end of fatigue, but when I stopped, it was over! It’s your turn to challenge yourself again!

After a while the rain stopped … This time I got some peace … Two people are walking through the lonely forest, no one is talking, I think it’s just a great satisfaction!

As soon as we entered the village through the hills, it became completely dark. I saw the clock … just 5:30! I arrived in just 30 minutes! Self-confidence has increased a lot this time!

Everything is possible if you want … everything! The intoxication of knowing the unknown is different, this intoxication is more terrible than opium!







But, still I love traveling … I can challenge myself again and again! Maybe I can understand little by little what I can do …!

And I turn around because I don’t want my life to be like everyone else’s! I want to have thousands of stories in my possession! Let’s cut all the sleepless nights in fascination!

Khagrachhari Diary, 59th District.


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