Medhash Munir Ashram, Boalkhali.

This ashram is surrounded by nature and mountains. Rural nature and walking up the stairs to the high mountains. When you look at the side, you can see a picture of a foggy mountain, there are some portraits.



How to get there:

You will see some local tempos on the opposite side of Bahaddarhat bus terminal in Chittagong. You can go up to Kanungo Para, the rent is 25 TK per person. From there you will get local CNG to go to Medhash Monir Ashram a little further. If you go locally, it will cost 30 TK, and if you go to reserve, it will cost 150-200 TK. We went there by the reserve.




Things to do:




As the ashram is on a hill, not everything is within reach. Bottles of water can keep with some dry foods. Tokens have to be taken in advance for Lance at noon. It will cost 60 TK per person. The rest of the time you can look around the temple.

I find it amazing to walk up the mountain with so many stairs. Happy traveling.


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