Meghalaya 3 night 4 day travel plan and expenses.

The total cost for a 3 night 4-day tour is Rs 10,000 per person for seven people. If you do a little calculation, it will be within 8000/9000 TK.




Visa is required through Dauki Border. Checks dollars at the border. Take the dollar with you from the country. Travel tax will go through the country. Then you can cross the border quickly. Travel tax has to be submitted to Sonali Bank. It has to be submitted to Dhalianpara, Dewanhat branch of Chittagong. I don’t know about Dhaka.



Tour plan:


1st day
In the morning we crossed the Tamabil border and went to the other side by jeep. You can redeem Bangla money in Dauki market. You can redeem from a grocery store below at State Bank. I got 70 rupees by bargaining. Dollars can be redeemed at Shillong. The rate in Shillong is better than the Dauki market.
-Borhill Falls
-Umkrem falls
-Living root bridge,
-I will go to Cherrapunji after visiting Mawlinnong village, it will be evening when I reach there. I will stay in Cherrapunji at night.
Food: There are hotels nearby. Everything closes at eight o’clock. You can eat before that or you can wrap it with foil paper and take it to the hotel. There are many shops on the way from Dauki to Cherrapunji. You can stop the car and eat hot mom and noodles.




Cherrapunji Hotel Details
This hotel was Josh for seven people. There were 2 double beds and 2 single beds. Although the two of us lay down to get to bed. There was no difficulty in this.
Hotel rent – Rs
Laiaiker Inn
Mawpun kyrtiang sohra, 793108
East Khasi Hills District Meghalaya



2nd day
-Ramkrishna Mission
-Nohkalikai Falls
-Mawsumi Caves, (Mawsamai Falls)
-Seven Sister Falls,
-Wakaba Falls
-I will come to Shillong to see Elephent Falls / Dianthelen Falls. Dollars can be redeemed at Central Point, Police Market. If you ask any shopkeeper, he will show you.
Food: You can try street food. You will also find Domino’s pizza in the mosque alley next to Central Point. All shops close at 7:00 / 8:30. Eat it first or wrap it in foil paper and take it to the hotel. Shop for whatever you can from here. Because you will not see the market anymore.




Shillong Hotel Details
The quality of the hotel is good enough. The room had a balcony. With it, the lights of Shillong city at night can be seen very beautifully.
Daina guest house
New kench’s Trace, Bishnupur, Near stat sang Temple, Shilong-793002, Meghalaya
Mobile: 9862131877
Hotel rent – 4500 TK



3rd day
Lytlam Grand Canion, (Keep it a must. It’s impossibly beautiful. You can see huge green courtyards and clouds playing here.)
K I will come to Sonangpedang to see Krangsuri Falls.



Sonangpedang Hotel Details
You can book their hotel on this page. Apart from this, if you tell them, they book all the hotels in Shillong and Cherrapunji. However, if this is the case, bargain.
Number: 9612089521
Hotel rent – 4500 TK
Meals: You can eat at Beetle Nat restaurant next door. I was ordering some kind of biryani. The amount is good for 250 rupees. If you don’t eat too much, it will be difficult to finish. It also closed at half-past eight. There are also small beds around the hotel. You can also eat there.



4th day
In the morning you can see the suspension bridge. Right next to the hotel. After that, you will cross the border by boating in Umangat river.



Jeep driver
09378184554 (lamp). Understanding Bengali is light and thin.
I have paid TK. 15,000 for the total cost of transport from the border to the border. There is no need to pay for accommodation.




Although it is a good place to visit Meghalaya during the monsoon season, the sight of waterfalls in Cherrapunji at this time depends on luck. After waiting for a long time, we could not see the Seven Sisters Falls because of the clouds. I also saw Nohkalikai Falls for 3/4 minutes. Luckily for me, I got the water of Kransuri Falls with crystal action. And on the day of departure, the water of Umgat river was like tea, but on the day I was boating, the water was full of green.



There is a lot of traffic jam at the border during Eid. Many take specific day plans. The plan for the first day was canceled due to traffic jam at the border. This is what happened to us. But I have wisely added the whole plan of the first day on the last day. If you notice, you will see that there is nothing to see on the last day. And all the plans for the 1st day are near Dauki market. So even if the 1st-day plan is ruined for any reason, don’t be upset and change the plan if you are in a hurry to return on the appointed day. Be sure to talk to the driver. The driver had to pay an extra TK. But the good news is that everything went according to plan. Take as much idea as possible about where you are going. This will get rid of unwanted trouble. You can change the plan at any time as you like.


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