Mehera zamindar house.

Many beautiful zamindar houses in the country are now just memories, only ruins. But the house of Mehera zamindar is still in good condition. We have destroyed a lot of our heritage, the few that are left have no publicity. I didn’t know about Mehera zamindar’s house myself, many people don’t know my idea. But it is a beautiful installation very close to Dhaka. The place is an ideal place for a walk or a picnic. Picnic time is coming up, if possible, this time you can come and see a traditional setting of the country. You can still go out with family members, everyone will love it, big and small, and you can go at any time without having to wait for the picnic season. Fancy photographers who love to take pictures of old installations and hope that architecture students will like the place.









How to get there:
From Mohakhali in Dhaka, take a private bus to Dhaka Police Training Center for 180 rupees. If you want, you can take another bus to Tangail.
From there by CNG local 15 TK or reserve 75 TK to Mahera zamindar house. The entrance fee is 50 TK

Eating: You will not find very good quality food, their hospitality will impress you with what you get.


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