Mehera zamindar’s house.

If you are planning to go for a day trip around Dhaka, you can come back from Mehera Zamindar’s house in Tangail. The wonderful craftsmanship and construction style of the zamindar house will surely fascinate you. Mehera zamindar house is located across a vast area. Suddenly you will see a huge white lotus blossoming on the green grass sheet! Not one, but a few buildings stand as witnesses of tomorrow. There is a touch of nobility throughout every palace. There is a pond in front of the zamindar’s house. If you want you can go around the pond by boat. There is a huge garden. Partridges, turkeys and camels are roaming in the garden. In 1890, the then zamindars established zamindari with four brothers. Their names are Budai Saha, Budhu Saha, Harendra Saha and Kalicharan Saha. They started zamindari with the title of Saha. However, all their next generation took the title of Roy Chowdhury. The zamindar house is built in four parts. The Mehera zamindar house is basically surrounded by four buildings. Maharaj Lodge, Ananda Lodge, Chowdhury Lodge and Kalicharan Lodge. The house is located on a total of 6 acres of land. There is a residence, a kachari building, a pond and a field. In 1962, the Mehera zamindar house was established as a zonal police training school under the direction of the Ministry of Home Affairs. In 1990, it was upgraded to a police training center. How to go





There are direct buses to Tangail from Mohakhali in Dhaka. If Mehera tells the zamindar to go home, he will take it down. You can get off at Dubail bus stand and go to Mehera zamindar’s house by CNG. If you want to enter, you have to buy a ticket for 50 TK per person. The zamindar house at night is also strangely beautiful. You can stay in the main zamindar house with room rent in zamindari style.


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