Middle class travel to Europe.

(Spain – France – Netherlands – Germany – Switzerland – Austria – Hungary – Czech Republic)

Europe is a paradise for travelers, everyone who likes to travel has a dream to travel to Europe at least once in their life. Language, tradition, culture of one country is different from another. Everything from romantic places to adventures are in Europe.





This dream remains elusive for the children of our middle class family. The first obstacle is the cost, even if the cost can be met, the visa is the biggest obstacle.

I am sharing my travel experience on TOB so that our misconceptions about traveling in Europe can be corrected, so that everyone can combine sadha and sadha.

VISA: (My personal opinion)






To travel is to apply for a Schengen visa. This is a visa to travel to 26 countries. (List of Shenzhen countries http://www.schengenvisainfo.com/schengen-visa-countries-li…/)

The first mistake we make when applying for a Schengen visa is a bank statement. A week before the visa application, everyone puts a large amount of money, which is extremely wrong. Those who work at the embassy are very smart, they take the matter in a negative way.

Make sure that the balance of the account is consistent in the last 3 months. No large amount can be added for last 2 weeks. There is no such thing as a minimum balance. The balance must be balanced with your travel plan. No confirmation ticket is required. At the time of my first Schengen visa, the bank balance was 1 lakh 40 thousand rupees !!

Travel insurance is required to add 15 days to the number of days you will apply.

You will give a thousand reasons to the embassy to go to Europe but they want only one reason to give you a visa, is whether you will come back again.









When you stand for a visa interview, the embassy officer will assume that you will not return to Europe. In the next 5 minutes you need to prove that you will return to the country at the end of the trip.

Apply to any embassy: According to your travel plan, you have to apply to the embassy of the country where you are staying most of the time. However, do not apply to the embassies of Italy and France. So far I have taken 3 visas, 2 from Swedish and once from the Swiss embassy. If you are good at interviewing, you can convince people, then you can apply at the Swiss Embassy. If you are afraid of the interview at the Spanish, Swedish embassy (interview does not take place)


Return tickets are relatively low in Italy, with many airlines offering promo tickets at Rs 50,000 to Rs 55,000. You have to pay attention to the offers of the airlines.

Hostels in Europe are much better, safer. Hostel for those who just need to sleep at night after walking all day. Hostels are a tradition of tourism in Europe. There are separate dorm rooms for girls.

Dorm rooms at the hostel cost 10 to 30 euros later. Single room available for 50 euros (prices may vary by country)

Transportation is great, you can buy one week metro ticket for less money. It is possible to travel by train from one country to another (to enjoy the extraordinary natural beauty). There are airlines called Ryan Air so that you can travel from one country to another at an impossibly low price for 19 Euros !!!







Food: Food is cheap in fast food chains. There is no chance to eat fish rice. You can try local, street food. Without rice, it becomes a little difficult.


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