Mindful Hidden House.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter that I go shopping with a fixed budget, girls like to buy a sari and boys like to buy Punjabi. But when you go to the store, you will see a beautiful and mind-blowing sari or Punjabi that is quite out of your budget. You can’t take your eyes off that. Even with a small budget, he can’t forget that thing, he keeps an eye on the strangely beautiful thing. If you don’t get it or if there is such a possibility, you become very very upset unknowingly. A very depressing feeling surrounds him.


It was just a glimpse of the Hidden House, the nature around it, the interior decoration, the glittering floors, the glittering tiles, the aesthetic furniture, the high-quality bathroom fittings, and the balcony hanging on the hill and the green-gray hills in the distance. At a distance of almost a handful of hands, seeing the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas.


At first glance it seemed that if I could no longer stay in this hotel and this room, then this trip would be in vain, this tour would be meaningless, without any achievement. An unknown cloud of sadness surrounded me in an instant. I said to myself, whatever happens, if necessary, I will reduce the duration of the tour to two days, if necessary, I will eat less once a day, if necessary, I will not go anywhere else. I still want this room. This is the room! I can’t think of anything else but this room.


But I have never been like that. All the time my formula for traveling or staying in a room is to get tired of walking around all day when my legs can’t move anymore and my eyes can’t be kept open at all, so I’m happy to be able to freshen up in a fairly clean, safe and clean bathroom. Sitting in a room or a place to stay, you can see the mountains, the sea or the lake, personally I don’t want this. It is better to show nature very close to him. I’m never in favor of spending extra for it. That is why the budget of one room for me alone is never more than 500-800 taka.

But this is the first place, the first hotel, and the first room, after seeing which I could not think of staying in any other room. I decided in my mind that I would stay in this room. This is the room I want. No matter how much the budget is out of reach. After asking the price and knowing how many more I will have, I was a little upset that Nah can stay. Still, tried a little and can be reduced a little? But no, I will not reduce it at all because I am the only one who has agreed to pay me half the rent for this room. If there are two or three, don’t pay this price.

I agreed without delay and immediately entered the room. Ah, this is the first time I’ve been in a room for which I was so anxious that if I couldn’t stay in that room, the whole trip would be filled with despair. Oops, what a peace of mind. Leaving my bag, I took a rest in bed and went to see the site. Because of this room and everything in the room, all around, many different hills in the distance and how many colorful houses can be seen coming back night, morning, and noon. So I went out.



When I entered the room again, the evening had passed. The base of the night has descended all around. Rows of hills after hills have become illuminated with various colored lights. Entering the room, turning on the lights, and entering the bathroom, I was even more surprised to see the mentality of their service. Seeing the extraordinary arrangement in the ordinary. It looks like some nice cosmetics in the bathroom. He saw a teapot in a corner of the room, small packets of tea, sugar, milk, and two colorful mugs. Wow, tea arrangement with room rent. More surprising is the fact that there is a yellow rose on the other side of the table. My mind was filled with such a good feeling that I was overwhelmed and sat in silence for some time, leaning on the sofa and lifting my feet on the bed.



On one side I heated the water in the pot and on the other side I left the geyser for hot water. Fresh Hub took a nice bath. I took a bath as per my mind. Then I lit the room like a light and a bedside light, dipped a tea mug in hot water and a teabag, half-lying on the floor of the white bed, sipping on a mug of tea washed in the mild winter, enjoying the unique look of the distant moonlit night of the silver mountains.


Hidden House, one of the hidden aristocrats of West Sikkim, Upper Pelling, Hidden House. In the soft bed of my favorite room, looking up at the sky through the glass windows that can be touched by the mountain stairs.

Pelling is such a small hill town so clean that no one wants to make it dirty, what do you say?


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