Mini Cox’s Bazar.

We visited Manot Ghat, Dohar
It is called Mini Cox’s Bazar,
106 km: Beach or 4/5 km: There is a beach
What is this tie or less near Dhaka?

The enormity of the river ……
Cloud Crafts …….
The sweet light of the sun ………
The sky is blue ………………
You can go to see the amazing beauty of the Padma, and the amazing sunset.








How to get there:
There are two ways to go:

1 / Get on the bus going to Dohar in front of Gulistan Golap Shah Mazar. Remember, not all buses in Dohar go to Manot Ghat, Jamuna Deluxe Transport and N Mallick buses go to Manot Ghat. Before getting on the bus, you must ask if the bus will go to Manot Ghat. From Gulistan to Manot Ghat rent 90 tk, it will take 2 hours. The last bus from Manot Ghat leaves for Dhaka at 6 pm, so if you go by bus, get to the bus before 6 pm.



2 / Go to Basila 3 Road Moor through Mohammadpur Bus Stand, take CNG reserve from here, just go and take 1000 rupees, you can take more if you bargain. One CNG can seat 4 people.

* Those who have their own car or bike, no matter what, you can go in comfort, and if many friends get together, micro or more, go with the bus reserve. Many people are worried about bike parking, it’s really scary, it’s better not to take it, and many people have gone to the water with their bikes, and there is a new food hotel next to Manot Ghat, there is a place to park bikes in front of it,

Come and visit the river Padma, go around by boat
You can also go by speed boat. I rented a small trawler for 200 tk for 1 hour, I was alone so the rent was less, so it took 500 tk. Interestingly, ignoring the current, my trawler went about 2 km and took the boat to the middle river, then stopped the engine, very quiet, I lay in the boat and sang happily,

” O… Padma waves ……………

The audience though was Majhi Bhai. Pulling the current, the boat left alone in front of the wharf,





Although I didn’t get much good, you can get fried papar made instantly, there are 2 hotels next to Manot Ghat if you want you can eat rice with fish at noon. And you will get Fuchka, Many sister’s favorite foods, although now Many brothers also eat fuchka. It has not been tested.




And don’t forget to eat the famous sweets of Kartikpur.
Those who go there bring sweets from Kartikpur market, I don’t bring anything, sorry.

Let me say one thing:


It is better to go here afternoon. Because if you go in the morning, you will have to spend a lot of sun in the afternoon, and you will not find a tent in such a place. So get out of the house at such a time as to arrive a little afternoon, and at this time from afternoon to evening, Manot delivers its beauty.

Those who cannot swim will not go into the water. Kneel down to the water, and those who can swim will not go away.
The depth here is very high, and there is a lot of tension, the authorities forbid to go into the water after a while.
Remember, first your life, caution to yourself.


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