Mini Cox’s Bazar’s famous Manot Ghat.

Getting out of the monotonous routine of a busy life and going somewhere outside the city to get some vibrancy is not really bad. However, due to lack of time, many people cannot go to Cox’s Bazar, Sylhet, Rangamati. Time, opportunity, money, everything goes together. And so it is better for them to visit somewhere around Dhaka on weekly vacation. On holidays or in the midst of busy schedule, you can visit with your family or friends from Manot Ghat, not far from Dhaka.






Manot Ghat, also known as Mini Cox’s Bazar, is a great place for city dwellers to get around at low cost. You can get out of the capital from Manot Ghat day by day.

Manot Ghat is a place in Dohar upazila of Nawabganj in Dhaka district. Dohar on one side and Faridpur on the other. There is a huge char on the east side of this ghat and a wide Padma in front. The main attractions here are the waves of the river Padma and boat trips. Which makes this place a popular travel destination. The amazing water of the Padma fascinates the visitors. Seeing the horizon-pair of water and the row upon row of fishermen’s boats on the banks of the river, it would seem that you have reached Cox’s Bazar beach. And that’s why it’s called Mini Cox’s Bazar.









The ripples of the vast expanse of water and the beauty of the clear sky create a wonderful view here. This Padma river char is like a beach in the sea. Here you can take a speed-boat or a trawler on the banks of the Padma like a free bird. Lots of colorful sailing boats can be seen at Manot Ghat. If you want to enjoy the pure beauty of the Padma, it would be great to take a motor boat or speed boat for two or three hours and leave the noise of Manot Ghat and walk around the river. The rent for a speed boat suitable for eight people is two to two and a half thousand rupees for thirty minutes. There are also small and large engine boats of various sizes. These boats are available for rent at Rs. 250 to Rs. 600 per hour. 20/25 people can travel together in these boats.
The golden form of twilight is incomparable here. Nature takes on an extraordinary form here as the sun sets. Sitting on the banks of the Padma and enjoying the sunset will be a wonderful experience for you.









There is also an opportunity to buy Padma fish while visiting Manot Ghat. You can also buy fish from the fishing boat that you suddenly see while walking around with the boat. Besides, you can taste the fresh hilsa of Padma here. Several food hotels have sprung up here. Hilsa fried, hilsa mash, several types of hilsa are available in these hotels. Apart from hilsa, other fish of the river, khasi-chicken curry, pulses are all available. The bargain of these is also within reach.

The best time to visit Manot Ghat is in the rainy season. At this time the river overflowed its banks. The deep water all around, the sailing in the river and the rough waves create a different feeling.

If you go to Manot Ghat, you will see the historic Gandhi Math, Ancient Palace, N House, Jagbandhu Saha House and Khelaraam Donor House in Kalakopar, Nawabganj. Besides, don’t forget to see the beautiful Judge’s House and Ukilbari in Nawabganj.

“Mini Cox’s Bazar famous Manot Ghat”
How to get there:

The easiest and most convenient way to reach Manot Ghat from the capital Dhaka is by bus. The bus on the Jamuna Paribahan leaves directly from the front of the Golap Shah Mazar in Gulistan to Manot Ghat. The bus leaves for about twenty minutes in a row. The rent will be 80 to 90 rupees per person. You can reach Manot Ghat in two to two and a half hours. After traveling all day, you will be able to return to Dhaka by the same bus. In that case keep in mind that the last bus from Manot Ghat to Dhaka leaves at 6 pm. If you want to take a private car, you have to follow the same route, that is, follow the bus route.











Some Travel Tips You Need:

 If you don’t know how to swim, don’t go too deep in the river while taking a bath. There have been drownings here before.
 Avoid throwing indigestible products such as plastic water bottles, food packets, polythene etc.
 Must wear life saving jacket while sailing.


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