Mission Chittagong.

Take a “one-day” tour of three famous places of Chittagong, Mahamaya Lake, Guliyakhali Sea Beach, Bashbaria Sea Beach.

>> How To GO –






Here is our tour plan.I got up from Dhaka Abdullahpur by Ena Bus at 10 pm and Reached Feni district town at 4:30 pm. I stay in this transport bus counter till 6 in the morning. After 6 o’clock, we left counter and walked for 2 minutes to Mahipal, from there we got on the bus to Chittagong and reached the destination Mirsarai Mahamaya Lake. Reaching Mahamaya Lake at 7:15 in the morning, We Got Ready to do kayaking, as we talked to Shamim Bhai, the coaching businessman, before. We will do kayaking in the morning. It started at 8 am. We started for 1 hour. We left for Sitakunda Bazar at 10 am. From there we went to Guliyakhali Sea Beach by CNG. I saw nature impersonating. I was sitting in the green grass of the beach. After That we went to Sitakunda Bazar in the afternoon, from there we drove to Bashbaria bus stand, from the bus stand we took CNG to Bashbaria Ghat. After spending some time, we went to see Kumira Bridge which is out of the tour list. Then We headed to Dhaka at 6 P.M









What is the cost?

Dhaka to Feni 300 Taka Feni to Mirsarai 50 Taka kayaking 200 Taka.I was a student, That’s why 200. or 1 hour 300 Taka. Mirsarai to Sitakunda 30 Taka, Sitakunda Bazar to Guliyakhali Beach Reserve CNG 130 Taka, Sitakunda Bazar to return 130 Taka, Sitakunda Bazar to Bashbaria Bus Stand 15 Taka then CNG to Bashbaria Ghat 20 Taka per person, Again Bashbaria Bus Stand 20 Taka City 20 TK, then 6 o’clock Dhaka Shyamoli transport fare 480 TK. The cost of breakfast and lunch is 220 TK total cost was- 1615 TK. In writing this long tour plan, some changes have been made in different places.


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