Mission Hilsa State Chandpur Travel.

I decided to go to Chandpur as I could not go anywhere during the Eid holidays due to the unbearable life in the scorching heat of summer.
I got up with 6 friends for lunch and enjoyed Aslam Hilsa State and Mini Cox’s Bazar famous Chandpur.

Launches are at 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00 at night. Deck rent 80-100,
Chairs & Coaches Rental 150,
Kevin’s rent is 400-600.

We ate dinner and left for the launch at 11:30.
The launch left at the sound of a clock.
We reached Chandpur launch dock at 03:00 pm.

I go down at night and have a light tea breakfast at the pier and wait for dawn.
After the Fajr prayers, I drove from the ghat to the mouth to watch the sunrise. The rent is 10 rupees per person.

The sweet breeze of the morning and the sound of the current of the estuary of Padma-Meghna makes the mind very fresh.
After breakfast I rented a trawler from the estuary and left for Mini Cox’s Bazar.
Trawler fare up-down 100 rupees per person.

Although not like Cox’s Bazar, you will get the same feeling. The small waves crashing on the shore and the U-type sandy arrow are like Cox’s Bazar.

I couldn’t stay here without taking a bath because of the clear water. However, for those who do not know how to swim, it is a little risky place. So I could not go far from the arrow.

After taking a bath, we set off again for the estuary. Then I rented an auto for 15 rupees and went to the famous One Minute Misty shop in Kalibari. The tour would have been ruined without ice cream and sweets. 40 rupees per cup of ice cream and 200 rupees per kg of sweet made by chicks.

After eating, I returned to the car in the car, the fare is 10 rupees.

I came to the ghat and sat in the shop next to the ghat for lunch. Hot rice with fried hilsa and mashed hilsa is amazing in one word. Hilsa is 120 rupees, mash is 30 rupees and rice is 10 rupees.

Then it was my turn to return, I got on the launch for Dhaka at 01:00 pm. Arrived at 03:45.

I had a wonderful day. For a short one-day tour, you can opt for the Hilsa state of Chandpur.

See you again on the next tour,
Stay well until then.

The country is ours, this river, this green Bangladesh is ours.
Please don’t waste this beauty of our country by throwing dirty or indigestible packets everywhere.

*{Rupees will Be taka}


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