Mission Kashmir.

I wanted to travel to Kashmir and like everyone else. I kept my wish for a long time. I used to see everyone go to Kashmir on different tour packages. But after hearing about their expenses, I never dared to travel to Kashmir. A few days ago, after getting the first Indian visa seal of my life, I thought of visiting India. Since I work for a low salary. I kept looking for 16-17 thousand places to visit India. Everyone says I can’t go anywhere without Darjeeling on this budget. Anyway, with my strong will and the help of the TOB help line, I started getting a lot of information about Kashmir. I thought a lot and saw that it is possible to visit Kashmir for only 20,000 rupees.
And don’t lie. I really left for Kashmir with 16,000 rupees and came back with 40 rupees. In today’s post, I will tell everyone about my low cost Kashmir tour.
Preparations for the Kashmir tour started from my Dhaka, by buying up-down tickets from Howrah to Kashmir. I bought the ticket 1 month ago. My ticket to Howrah to Jammu on Himgiri Express cost 650 + 650 = 1400 rupees. 2200 in Bengali rupees.
I first went to Jessore on the Chitra Express train on 23 November at 6 pm. Train fare is 480 rupees. Jessore dropped off at 4 in the morning. I got off the train at Yasho and got a bus from outside the station to Benapole border. Rent 50 rupees.
We reached the border by 6 am on the 24th. I entered the Indian border at 8:30 am without the help of any other broker. I crossed the border and had tea. After that I rented an autorickshaw for 30 rupees and went to Bonga station locally. I went from Banga to Dumdum station with 10 rupees. I could come directly to Sealdah station if I wanted. But I really wanted to travel to Kolkata metro rail. Anyway, I got off at Dumdum and went to the metro rail station. I bought a 10 rupee ticket from Dumdum to Esplanet. I wiped the esplanade in 15 minutes. Get off the Metrorail at Esplanet and cross the road to Kolkata New Market.
Since my train at 12 o’clock at night. And less money in the pocket. I didn’t take his hotel anymore. The desire was to tour the city of Kolkata all day and catch a direct train at night. However, when I reached Kolkata, I first converted all the money into dollars. And I bought an Airtel SIM for 340 rupees. I toured Kolkata all day. Since I do street singing. I sang on the mango road in several places in Kolkata. The people of Kolkata value Bengali music very much. Got a lot of reverent love there. Even a boy offered me to ride his bike around Kolkata. I grabbed such a beautiful offer. The boy took me to many places including Eden Garden, Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge at his own expense. I bought all the necessary things for the Kashmir tour from Dhaka. So without spending time in shopping, wandering around, doing street singing and eating food on the side of the road, time passed. I reached Howrah station by 11 pm. The train left at 12 o’clock at night.
On the 25th I woke up in the train. Non AC Slipper’s Bunker Not Bad. Atlist People like me who can travel with difficulty will not feel bad. Eating on the train is cheap. But the food is not much fun. Dinner / lunch cost me 60 rupees and breakfast cost me 30 rupees.






After a long journey of 48 hours, I landed at Jammu Tawai station at 10 pm on the 26th. I got down at the station, had a light meal and took a bus to Srinagar. I got on the bus at 12 o’clock at night and reached Srinagar at 8 o’clock in the morning. The whole road was very beautiful but I could not see much as it was late at night. Many tunnels fell on the way. Some were 6-7 km long.
On the 28th, I came to Srinagar and looked around. Let’s ride a hunt at Dal Lake. The cost of a hunting boat is 300-400 rupees for 4 people.
Srinagar in the cold is not really worth seeing. But I went to a few parks. The park was filled with Gula Maple Leaf. I also gave some pictures of the park. The quality of food in Srinagar is very good. In fact, you must try the Kabar Itel Gula here. You can have a full lunch or dinner for 150 rupees. Do shopping from Srinagar as you will not find so many shops in other places.
I went to Gulmarg on the 28th. If you go to Gulmarg, many people will tell you that it does not cost less to take a horse. One would be confused. Even after that, it will cost less than 5-6 hundred rupees per horse. However, I think if you have good shoes and physical strength, you can easily walk around all the Gulmarg Gula Tourist Place Gula. In that case you have to reach Gulmarg in the morning. If you go to Gulmarg, you must only take a car. It will cost 600 rupees to get up to 6000 feet by car alone, 1800 rupees to go up 14000 feet. It is better not to smoke / drink / run upstairs. This will make you more likely to get sick.
If you want to stay at Gulmarg for the night, it will cost you Rs. 1200 to Rs. 5000. Lunch / dinner for 150 rupees. Breakfast at 100 rupees.
29 and 30 I stayed at Pahelgam for two days. Pehelgam is a paradise for adventure lovers and trekkers. Here you will find many more places to trek, including Tulian Lake, Tarsar-Mercer, Shishnag. However, if you want to relax, you can visit Aru Valley, Betab Valley, Baisaran etc. It will take a car to get to Part Aru Valley. If you go to Baisaran, you can go on horseback or on foot. I didn’t find many shops to shop in Pahelgam. But you will get a lot of street food. The cost of staying in Pahelgam will be around 800-5000 rupees.
On the day of my return I went straight from Pahelgam to Jammu. Kin







On the day of your arrival, my scheduled train was canceled and I had to go through misery. I almost ran out of money in my pocket. I remember when I was in Uttar Pradesh at the time of my return, my last resource was only 130 rupees. Anyway, by the grace of the Creator and with the help of my passengers on the train, I crossed the Benapole border safely. Come here and tell my mother to develop. I finally came back home with the money from that development.
Let me tell you a few things.
1. In Kashmir, there is no price-fixing government except for cars. So you will bargain in Gulistan style.
2. You will get a shared bus to go to all the places. So those who want to give a tour alone go without fear. Reserve car rentals are up to 2000-3500 per day.
3. Local businessmen, shopkeepers, you must speak to them in Hindi and Urdu.
If you catch RBSF police, you will speak English in smoke;) Khik khik khik
4. Shop in Srinagar without shopping at Dal Lake.
5. Find out before taking a picture in any place or before smoking openly
When I went to Kashmir, the temperature was minus degrees almost every day. Sometimes I got minus 6-7. Everything I read to survive this winter
1. Snow boots with extra inner.
2. Synthetic inner
3. Lux Body Warmer (Thermal)
4. Wool full sleeve t-shirt
5. Thick wool sweater
. Rain coat
. Synthetic inner pants
. Fleece’s pajamas
9. Gabardine pants
My perception of Indians has changed a lot since I went on this tour. 🙂
The Indian people are much better. Very helpful and sociable. I have found so many friends and so much love in my whole journey. I will remember for the rest of my life. Especially their BSF members are very sincere. Do not be afraid of them.
In short, it was difficult to calculate the whole tour. Even after that someone can knock me for any detailed information. I will help as much as I can 🙂


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