Mixed feeling in Sikkim evening.

A little anger, some arrogance, a little misunderstanding, without all this, why can’t love really freeze? Arriving in Gangtok, which seems to be the only reason to be free, to take a hearty vacation from both the office and home, I checked in at the hotel and started to feel weird. Everything glistening on the whole MG Marg, the whitewashed beds in the huge hotel rooms, the gleaming lights of the fireflies blazing in the mountains through the huge glass windows, the freshwater freshened up in the hot water and the new clothes came out and I felt a shadow of sadness in my mind.


A very strange feeling, it feels good, very, very indirectly, it seems that I don’t have anything with me, I don’t have anything. Something was missing. I bought Momo to satisfy my hunger, I feel as if someone has taken something from me, but I can’t do it. I entered Woodland, my favorite of all time, but I felt like someone was running away without telling me, which I had to hold on to.


As I walked past the bangle shop, I thought I had bought a bunch of colorful thefts for someone. It immediately seemed that no one understood and insisted that it should not be in just one pair, he wanted a few more thefts. As I was walking in front of the sweater and sari shop, I thought I was supposed to enter here, but why didn’t I enter? And when I went to buy ice cream, I thought I had to buy three ice creams. Why am I buying one ice cream?


Unable to understand anything, I went straight to the room without buying ice cream and walked a little, the shops closed and the lights started to go out. On the way to the front of the hotel, I found several empty benches, which had been filled a little earlier. I sat on an empty bench. After sitting for some time, I felt that I should not be sitting here so calmly. I have to run around here and there! And I’m not supposed to feel so cold. I went to the hotel to find out the cause of this strange mental state. I entered the room and kept my eyes on the glass window, wondering, what was the lack of me in such a strange mental crisis? Who or what is not around me? Why does it seem so?


I took the mobile in my hand and entered Viber. I have to tell my little boy and his mother that I have reached Sikkim. Leaning my body on the huge soft, fluffy bed and opening the lock of the phone, it seemed that I had been missing my naughty, naughty son, and his arrogant mother for so long. At that moment, I thought how much fun it would be if Is Orao was here. He could run as fast as he wanted in the nice MG way, he used to make various bainas with chicken, momo, and ice cream. He had to run from here to there to find me. At the same time, I had to make my eyes water again and again to reduce the number of people going to her mother’s sari, bangle, and sweater shops.
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. If they were together, all this could be enjoyed in a better way with time and mind. This room, the house with the huge glass windows, the house standing on the hill, the lights of the house, the mall on the mall road, all kinds of food, all the glittering shops, jute ice cream, the bright MG Marg I used to sit on the bench and read together for a long time. The boy could run around with his mind, his mother could walk around the store as she wished and I could quietly watch their madness.



How I told you to come with me, but Elona. While they could have taken leave, passport, visa, port aid, everything is done, but they were stuck only for the son’s education and admission. I decided in my mind, Nah, without them, such a beautiful place, so easy and so comfortable, I can not enjoy anything alone. What a wonderful way to screw people over and get them to sleep in a cool, cozy environment. Yes, no. But no, I can’t enjoy anything so beautiful alone. Together with the three of them, I want to enjoy everything in Gangtok, Sikkim, and Sikkim.
I decided to walk to Gangtok tomorrow morning and leave for Siliguri around noon. I don’t like being alone, I miss them very much and very much. I started trying to talk to them on my mobile and sometimes chatting on Facebook. This means that after sharing my state of mind at that time with a big upper, he gave advice.


Since you have gone, if you want to leave tomorrow, you can go back to Peling without going straight to Siliguri. It is possible only if you go out very early in the morning. So I did as Upper suggested. I’ll be back to Siliguri tomorrow but after a while …
But who knew the love of freedom since when I started to love subjugation little by little? Who knew when I disobediently got involved in so many Maya’s bonds without knowing it? And who could have felt that I have been entangled in a web of values ​​and misunderstandings ever since!
And who could have imagined that Pelling was waiting for me to do so much and so much in such a way …
Keeping the environment clean should be one of our responsibilities and duties.


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