“Modok Range”

Magistic View from the Top of “Yogi Hafong” (4th Highest Bangladesh -3259 feet)

Location of this beautiful scenery right on the Bandarban-Myanmar border,
The beautiful peak in front is “J Talang” (2nd highest peak Bangladesh-3335 feet).
Getting there:
Dhaka-Bandarban-Thanchi-Remakri-Dalianpara-Yogi Trail.







You can Achieve 2 summits with minimal fitness and trekking experience.
Potential cost budget:
4/5 people team – 4500 to 5000 TK per person (guide, food, accommodation, all travel, including breakfast) Dhaka to Dhaka
Possible days – 4 days.

Tour plan:
0th day>
1st day>
Bandarban-Thanchi (local bus) -Ramakri (boat) -Dalianpara (trekking-3 hours)
2nd day>


Dalianpara (with a local guide from the neighborhood) -Jotlong Chura (Trekking-8/10 hours-commute) -Dalianpara
3rd day>



Dalianpara (with local guide) – Yogi Huffong Chura (8/10 hours commute)
4th day>
Dalianpara-Nafakhum Jharna-Remai’f Khum-Remakri-Thanchi-Bandarban.

Description of possible costs:
1) Dhaka-Bandarban-Dhaka (bus – 1240 TK) per person
2) Bandarban-Thanchi-Bandarban (local bus-400 TK) per person
3) Thanchi-Remakri-Thanchi (1 boat rental – 4000/4500) whole team
3) Guide: The cost of the whole team



Original Guide – 1st day 600 then 800 days and the remaining 3 days. (Total – 2900 TK)
Local guide (2 people from Jotlong-1000 from Dalian Para and 2 people from Yogi Huffong-800 (Total-3600 TK)
4) Stay-100 per person per night
5) Eat- (chicken, pulses, rice-100/120) (potato, pulses, rice-60) every day.

1) Pre-experience required for the trail (little)
2) Many people call it the most difficult trail – but not so much. So you need confidence.
3) An experienced team leader.

The purpose of so much chatter:
Be motivated to form your own team.
The picture was taken by me, so if you use it, it would be better to give credit.


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