Moyna Para field on the banks of Padma.

Rabindranath Tagore composed this kirtan on June 16, in the rainy season, about one hundred and nineteen years ago today:

Jibanananda Das wrote in his book of poetry ‘Ruposhi Bangla’ published in 1956:

I have seen many beautiful places in my life, I have seen hand decorated parks, drawing rooms, reading rooms. But at the same time, I could not find Rabindranath’s ‘Mainapara’s Field’ and Jibanananda’s ‘Most Beautiful Karuna’ anywhere. I have never seen a ‘honeycomb on the green land’. But my mind and eyes have found the most beautiful ‘honey field’ in the endless ‘field of Mainapara’.

Finally, that auspicious moment came on the afternoon of July 9, 2016. I got off the boat about 3 km east of Harirampur Padmapar Andharamanik Ghat and started walking along the embankment of Geobag. On one side is the silty water of the Padma and on the other side is a green open field with a wide horizon. The sky was filled with black clouds. Suddenly the wind blew in the paddy fields. The mind said, this is the ‘most beautiful pit covered with honeycomb grass’. This is the field of Mainapara. At the same time, I took some pictures of that unprecedented scene (attached to the post) and uploaded it on Facebook and wrote ‘Field of Mainapara’. Originally, before 9 July 2017, there was no place called Padma in Mainapara.

After that, the name ‘Mainapara’s field’ gradually became popular on Facebook. Someone connected the field to Mainapara in a check-in option. Today, when people from other upazilas of Manikganj or even from Dhaka city visit Mainapara field and post pictures, I think that the name ‘Mainapara field’ of my imagination is spreading side by side as it is the most beautiful place in the world.

You can turn around if you want. But of course between June-October.

[Mainapara field is naturally a very clean place. So everyone is requested to be aware enough about dumping garbage.]

Destination –
Route-1: Manikganj Sadar via Dhaka-Aricha Highway from Dhaka Gabtali. Manikganj Sadar is 16 km away from Harirampur police station, walk east along the banks of the river Padma or 2 km by hired trawler to the field of Mainapara.

Route-2: Harirampur can be reached from Dhaka Gabtali via Dhaka-Aricha Highway and from Hemayetpur in Savar via Singair Road on the left.

It will take 2.30-3 hours to reach the destination from Gabtali on both the routes. You can text me if you need to know the location or any other help. Harirampur District Council has a modern post bungalow for overnight stay. The people of Harirampur are very hospitable.



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