Munshiganj’s Baluakandi “Meghna Village Holiday Resort”

I was wondering what can be done on holidays! I was thinking of going somewhere a little farther, not too far away again. I finally found the “Meghna Village Holiday Resort”. The resort is located at Baluakandi in Munshiganj, just 1 km from the Meghna Bridge.


That’s what you think. We left in the morning and went to the resort. As soon as I entered through the main gate, I got a well-arranged reception. After talking, I entered the courtyard of the resort. The resort is beautifully decorated. The first thing you will notice are the beautifully decorated portraits of dinosaurs, fish, and tigers. When you enter the resort and walk to the right, you will see a mini zoo. Where I saw deer, monkeys, turtles, and many more. Then I saw the field with a beautiful garden in the middle of the resort. Seating is available here. I also saw a small lake, although the lack of water did not seem so fascinating. I hope it will be more beautiful in winter when the water rises.


Then I saw a mini-park which is mainly for children. The kids will have a great time here. There is also a large field next to the park. I quite like the place of the resort. Although some development is needed.


Now let’s talk about the cottage! The cottages are quite beautiful. Resort residential areas 1 and 2 thus dividing the cottages. The cottages located in residential area 1 are quite good and big. These include the Family and Honeymoon Suites.


The rooms of the cottages located in residential area 2 are also quite tidy.
Cottage rent ranges from TK 4,500 to Rs 9,500 depending on the category.
Breakfast and lunch are available at the cottage.
There is also a swimming pool. Spend some good time here. The pool charge is 250 tk per 2 hours per person.
There is also its own restaurant for food. Bengali food is available and the food is very good as the price.
*** Watch Meghna Resort Video –


*** Tickets – 50 tk per person.
*** How I went: First I went straight to Aslam Gulistan Hockey Stadium. From here take the Meghna Super Service bus straight to Baluakandi bus stand in Aslam Munshiganj. The resort can be reached on foot from the bus stand.


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