Mymensingh is the city of life.

I will know the history of Mymensingh later. You haven’t visited our favorite city before. We will start our journey from the capital. If you wish, you can come to Mymensingh by train or bus. You can reach ENA by Teesta Express or Mohakhali bus stand at 8.30 am. However, if the bus leaves at 8 am, it will reach Maskanda bus stand in Mymensingh at 6.30 am. The train will actually leave Kamalapur at 8:00 am and reach Mymensingh at 11.30 am.






The rent will be paid
In Anna bus – 220 rupees per person.
Intercity train: 120 to 280

Bangladesh Agricultural University:

Wherever you go. Eat breakfast first. Then you will go straight to Bangladesh Agricultural University by autorickshaw … Rent 20-30 TK per person. You can also go by rickshaw, the fare is not more than 50 TK.
If you want, you can take a rickshaw for a while. He will turn the whole university around and drop it in front of the Botanical Garden. The rent will be 150-200.




Whatever you see there,
Fisheries Research Institute and the natural beauty of residential areas. There is also the beautiful ‘Aquaponic Garden’. After that you will go to the horticulture area and after a while you will go to the only agricultural museum in Bangladesh. On the way here you will find mango orchard, a symbol of amazing beauty !!





After visiting, you will come to the Botanical Garden after having tea at the corner of Jabbar (this botanical garden was established in 1983. Once you enter it, you will see rows of unfamiliar trees.) Surprisingly, there are 556 species of thousands of trees in this garden).
Next to it is the Brahmaputra river, row upon row of sailing colorful boats, you can go around with time.
Then you must have Malay tea and cow’s milk tea in the market.

Then go straight to Kewatkhali. There is a hundred-year-old railway bridge. Right there you can see the railway line up and down. It’s rare!





Muktagachha zamindar’s house

Go straight to the town hall. You will go to Muktagachha zamindar’s house in 25 minutes by CNG. After seeing everything, after eating the famous Manda of Muktagachha, you will come back to the city, to the Teachers Training College …..




Shashi Lodge

Shashi Lodge is here. About one and a half years ago, Suryakanta Acharya Chowdhury, the zamindar of Muktagachha, built this beautiful two-storey building on 9 acres of land. Named after his adopted son Shashikantar. This house was also known as ‘Crystal Palace’ or ‘Rangmahal’.





Alexander Castle

Come on foot. Note: …….. (Alexander Castle is an old installation structure in Mymensingh city. Maharaja Suryakanta Acharya built this palace in 189 at a cost of about 45 thousand rupees to protect the property of the then District Magistrate Alexander. The iron was used extensively in the palace. Named the ‘Iron Factory’, the building has been in the footsteps of many dignitaries since its inception. It is currently used as the library of the Teacher Training Center)










Gauripur Lodge

Sonali Bank will take the rickshaw driver. A nice wooden house. Surely you will want to stay at home one day!

Zainul Park and Brahmaputra

Come to the river bank in 5 minutes on foot. Enjoy the fresh air and green leaf scene.
The vibrancy of the life of the people of Mymensingh is here, after a while you will get the Zainul Museum … !!!










Zainul Museum

By coming here, your love will reach a different level. You will be immersed in the architectural picture. Note Dei … (This museum was established in 1975. There were 70 paintings of Shilpacharya but some paintings were stolen and now a total of 63 paintings are being displayed. These paintings include Shambhuganj Ghat, Shambhuganj Bridge, Sketch, Sketch, Sketch, Sketch, Sketch , Sketch (flutist), Bastuhara, portrait and many more pictures. In addition to these pictures there are some things used by him and some of his stills. The museum is open from 2:30 pm to 8 pm on Fridays. 10 am on other days.







Ananda Mohan College

This college is famous nearby. Architectural style will captivate your mind. The red building is very beautiful. The teachers of this college were many famous and talented people including the national leader Shaheed Syed Nazrul Islam.
Be sure to eat fuchka in front.

After walking around all day, the clock will tick at 5 in the afternoon. If you wish, you can enjoy the light of the evening river. If you want to return to Dhaka by train, there are trains at 5.23 and 6.15. The bus leaves Maskanda till 8 pm but you will get the bus till 9 pm at the bridge junction.








Naming of Mymensingh
Now let’s know briefly the history.

Mymensingh is one of the ancient districts of Bangladesh. This district was established on 1 May 18. The district was formed by the British during the rule of the East India Company for administrative convenience and to suppress rebellion. Mymensingh’s old name is Momenshahi. In the Middle Ages there was a saint named Momen Shah, after whom it came to be known as Momenshahi. Later it was renamed Nasratshahi or Nasirabad after the independent Sultan of Bengal Syed Alauddin Hussain Shah and his son Syed Nasir Uddin Nasrat Shah. But as there was another place in Rajputana by this name, the name was changed to Mymensingh.

Stay and eat

If you want to stay the night
Hotel Amir International
Hotel Mustafiz
Silver Castle

Also among the ordinary hotels, secluded hotels
More on including Hotel Mumtaz

Who will get it.

Amir and Mustafiz will be hired every night,
Single / Double Bed, AC, / Non AC – 1000/1500/2000.
The minimum rent in Silver Castle starts from 2000/2500.

The foods that are famous
→ Khandaker’s roasted khichuri
→ Sarinda, Dhansiri, Press Club Biryani,
→ Pearl Monda
→ Netrokona Pillow Sweet (must go to Netrokona)
→ Milk at Mama’s shop at Jabbar’s corner
 Uncle Hotel Bangla food (low price)
 Bullet tea at Bipin Park
 Next to Charpara LabAid, Kaljira tea, Tetul tea
 Sweet in Krishna Cabin

You will find good food hotels on CK Ghosh Road
 You will find many good hotels and fast food restaurants including Sarinda, Dharsiri, Avanti, Re It, Best Bite, CFC, RFC, Kitchen 365, Big Burger, Fried King, Minions, It Me, Sargaram, Khandaker, Kitchen, Mughal Darbar. There are also some hotels on Durga Bari Road.




You can eat all the fun food in a good package for 100-200 TK 🙂





If you want to eat good Bengali food at low price, you have to go again to the corner of Jabbar Agricultural University.

For sweets you will find Krishna Cabin / Merciful Confectionery or Sweet Paradise. Shops nearby.
So far today.





If you want to bring a day in hand,
The next morning you can return to Durgapur, the hill of Chinamati.
If you go by train, you can come back from Durgapur within 500 rupees.

[[If you want to come alone or in groups, you can let us know in the inbox, if you are free, I will give you time 🙂
😉 I’m here as a free guide 😉
The people of Mymensingh are very hospitable :-)]]

Welcome to Mymensingh, the city of our lives.
Stay well. Make your traveling enjoyable


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