Mysterious Baga Lake (a mystery unknown to many people in Bangladesh).

Mysterious Boga Lake is located in Ruma Upazila, about 70 km from Bandarban city, on the foothills of Keokkaradong mountain.







This green lake, a land of natural beauty, is a favorite place of many travelers. But who knows the mystery of the origin of this white lake?





The ‘Bom’ tribe lives in the vicinity of Boga Lake. In their language, where Boga Lake is now, there was actually a huge funnel-shaped hill. Everything was going normally. But suddenly one day cows, goats and even small children started getting lost from the villages near the hill. After much searching, it was discovered that the last footprints of calves and calves were in the mountains. Then everyone began to think that there must be something terrible in the lap of the mountain, and that is what is attacking these innocent animals and children. A group of brave young men were given the task of unraveling the real mystery. After much searching, I climbed to the top of the hill and found a huge dragon perched in a cave. Little did they realize that the dragon was behind the loss of so many animals and babies.






In Bam language, the dragon is called ‘Boga’.




The villagers decided to kill the dragon anyway. They selectively formed a team with brave young men. With arrows, bows, spears, sticks and torches they attacked the cave in the dark of night. Seeing the blood and bones of the people scattered on the floor of the cave, they understood what had happened. Together they jumped on the dragon. The fierce battle is between the two sides. When Bagar’s breath was almost gone, Boga threw a flame from his mouth at the villagers. That fire engulfed the whole mountain. All around began to explode. The earthquake started. The earthquake broke the mountain into a huge hole. In the course of time, that huge hole is known to us today as ‘Boga Lake’.




However, according to geologists who are reluctant to accept this myth, Boga Lake is caused by the volcano of a dead volcano or the fall of a meteorite from space.

The water of Boga Lake is acidic. Aquatic animals have to survive here with adversity. No water from outside can enter here, and there is no visible source of water around it. However, the geologists have also explained it. They say there is a warm spring at the bottom of the lake. When water comes out of the fountain, the color of the lake water changes.

Moon car
From Ruma Bazar to Bagalek (Kamala Bazar) the rate of moon car fare is TK. 2700 / -. If the road to Bagalek is good, you have to pay extra 500 TK.







Get a guide from Ruma Bazaar. You need to record your name and address along with the name of the guide in the army camp. Without a registered guide, you will not be allowed to proceed from the army camp. Guide has to pay 600 / – per day!



Where to stay
There are many cottages to stay in Boga Lake, the boarding cottages of Siam Didi, Robert Da and Laram Bom are famous. On December 16, about 400 people came to Bagale.
The cost of staying in the room is 200 TK per person. Food ranges from 80 to 200 based on items like eggs, vegetables, meat etc. Some cottages build a loft over the lake. You will find food wherever you are, but order what you eat with cooking time in advance

How to go,
From Dhaka to Bandarban, from Bandarban to Ruma, from Ruma to Bagalek


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