Nafakhum Adventure.

Thanchi-Alikadam is the highest road in Bangladesh from Bandarban to Nilgiris. As far as the eye can see, there are rows of hills on all four sides, and in the middle, the car will run on the road wrapped in clouds. This is like an unearthly feeling. We were a little late to reach Thanchi. So after eating something quickly, I entered the local police station and left Thanchi for Remakri.


Like taking a small boat 6/7, there were 6 of us. The curved hilly river Sangu is incomparable. After 15/20 minutes I went out of the network. Then the time will be around 4.30. 1000/1500 feet black stone hills on both sides. There is no other way but river trekking and mountain trekking.


After a while I found Tindu and big stones, I didn’t even stand anywhere, it was evening in an unknown place. A little scared, our guide Joy Marma was with us. Suddenly a sound stopped the boat, it was dark all around, we were all very scared. The two sailors are getting out of the boat and saying something in their language. 🙁 We are all silent, body, hands and feet have become cold, with 3 more girls. I was very suffocating for 2/3 minutes. We are a little relaxed, but we are still scared. After 4/5 minutes it was fine, then after another 15/20 minutes, we reached Remakri market.


Boat rent 4500 rupees (going-hope) We stay one day so we increased it by 500 TK. Pnen to stay in a small cottage there. 150 per person per night. They also have food and drink arrangements. What to eat before you say. Mashed potatoes, eggs, pulses 60/70 tk, 150 with chicken. A very nice wooden two-storied 4 room cottage.


In the morning, after walking along Remakri canal for 2 / 2.5 hours, you will see this strangely beautiful Mayawati Nafakhum waterfall.


All fatigue is gone in the beauty of Nafakhum. <3


By bus from Kalabagan to Bandarban.



Thanchi 2.5 / 3 hours drive from Bandarban city. Moon cars or local buses are also available. Moon car rental 3000/4000 tk, local bus 200 per person. After that Remakri Bazaar in 2 / 2.5 hours by small boat on the river from Thanchi. After spending the night in a cottage in that market, the next morning, if you walk 2 / 2.5 hours along the Remakri canal, you will see this strangely beautiful Mayawati Nafakhum waterfall.


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