Nainital’s romantic charming morning.

Every new place or new trip I have a desire of my own. That is to do something just for your own pleasure, just like yourself. It doesn’t matter if you travel alone, you can spend the whole time on your own. However, that is not always the case. However, I did something in a hurry without any plan. For example, I hurried to Gomukh and sat on the top of a rocky hill.






And whether it’s in a group or with a family, I find time just for myself. For example, on a trip to Ladakh, before anyone understood anything, I jumped from the very high mountain at the confluence of the two rivers! This time too, when I went to Nainital on a family trip and saw the vast lake surrounded by mountains, my eyes became bright and my mind became restless. When and how I will walk and see this whole lake. Whether it’s all together or all alone. I have no problem with either. All I have to do is walk around the lake once and for all.





So the day before, I reached Nainital, freshened up, looked around, ate and drank, sat on the mall road and returned to my room at midnight. However, in the meantime, I have proposed to everyone to walk around the whole lake, on the hill, on foot the next morning. But I knew it was just as easy to give verbal consent to this lazy and comfortable favorite team as it was to get out of the double blanket and warm bed on a cold winter morning to walk outside, in the mountains, on the shores of the lake. Even then the proposal was given. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.




As always, I was lucky to travel, so I slept many nights, but I woke up very early in the morning in the cold winter. Of course long before the sun rises. Since sleep is broken, there is no point in wasting time lying in bed. Looking at everyone’s sleep, it was understood that none of them will be able to wake up now. So I got up. After wearing warm clothes, shoes, gloves, and a hat, I went to the balcony outside the room and stared at the lake and the mountains in amazement. What a wonderful, what a wonderful and what a wonderful way to screw people over.





Just think, if you love mountains, then there are only mountains and hills around where you are standing or sitting. Scattering the colors of various colorful and colorful houses on the hills, small clouds are sitting on some of the hills. A group of white, soft, gentle clouds is flying over the favorite mountain.

Or maybe you don’t love mountains very much. Loves rivers, seas, fountains or any shore or reservoir of crystal clear water. So? Even then you will be looking with fascinated eyes. Because there is a call for a huge sparkling lake of clear water in the plains surrounded by the surrounding mountains. If you want, you can touch the water of the lake, float in the water, and be fascinated by the reflection of the mountains in the water of the lake.




Seeing the combination of such mountains and lakes, I called the boy’s mother. The two of us stared at the water of the lake and the chest of a favorite mountain with fascinated eyes. Because he likes lakes, ponds, rivers, seas and fountains. All in all, he prefers water to mountains. And mine is just the opposite. However, any river, pond, sea or fountain is my favorite, to like and enjoy.

So since the two nature of liking the two of them exist in this aristocratic hill town this morning, the two of us were enjoying the luxurious Nainital Lake with its crystal clear water and I am the form of my beloved mountain. But in my head is the indomitable desire to walk around the lake, which is touching the mountains. As soon as he told her about it, he himself showed great interest in walking on the shores of the lake. Let’s go out then? As soon as I went down the stairs with a little preparation, I saw that no one had woken up so early in the winter morning and there was a big lock hanging on the iron gate.

I couldn’t find or wake anyone even after shouting a lot. I suggested to the boy’s mother, let’s jump over the wall! He was surprised to hear my crazy proposal! I think there is a desire for a thrill. But in the end he could not get up with courage, at this age he had to stay in bed again without breaking his bones. Moreover, if the boy gets up and does not see both the parents, it will become a ugly situation. So at last the boy’s mother kept to herself the desire to walk on the shores of the lake.

But what will happen to me? What would it be like to enjoy the lake and the mountains at the same time on a sunny morning, walking slowly around the lake, on my mountain feet? Why is there no way to jump on the wall and fall on the road? Then who will stop me from thinking? I climbed on the wall with the camera and mobile in the hands of the boy’s mother.

So despite having CCTV cameras all around, I climbed on the walls of the hotel, trampled on the flower tub, climbed on top of an iron grill and jumped!

Nainital can be reached by bus, train or plane from Dhaka via Kolkata, by train or plane from Kolkata to Kathgodam in an hour by bus, car or jeep.


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