Napittachara Trail and Banshbaria Beach Tour:

On September 4, 2017, I visited Napittachara Trail and Banshbaria Beach with three friends. We did not go directly from Dhaka to Chittagong. We stayed one NIGHT over a friends House but first, we left Comilla for Feni at 7 am the morning. There are four waterfalls in Napittachhara. These are known as Tiparakhum, Kupikatakhum, Bandarkhum / Mithaichhari, and Baghbiani respectively.





Dhaka (Sayedabad) to Comilla (Asia Line Non AC), Rent: 250 / –
Comilla (Paduar Bazar Biswaroad Bus Stand) to Feni (Mahipal), Rent: 100 / –
Mahipal to Naiduari Mosque: Bus fare 100 / –
Bamboo 10 / –
Lunch (Tourist Hotel): Rice, Chicken, Pulses 95 / –
After trekking in Napittachara:
Local bus from Noyduari to Banshbaria Bazar 30 / –
CNG fare from Banshbaria Bazar to Banshbaria Beach 40 / – (round trip)
Local bus from Banshbaria Bazar to Sitakunda (Shyamoli counter) 15 / –
From Sitakunda to Dhaka: (Shyamoli Non AC) 400 / –
Total: 1040 / –

The bus fare was a little higher due to EID.


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