Netarhat became Lohardaga.

Suddenly one day in the evening chat just decided that it is not bad to go out somewhere near the weekend. There was a special discussion about where to go in the vicinity of Kolkata. Someone said he could go to Netarhat, everyone else was very interested. How to get there, whether it will be the right place for a two day trip. In the end, we decided to go by bike, the distance is not more than 550 kilometers, can be reached in one day. You can return to Kolkata from one or two nights the next day. I searched on Google and got an idea of ​​the road from Kolkata to Kolaghat via Medinipur to Jangalmahal, from there to Ghatshila to Jamshedpur then to Dalma to Ranchi bypass, from there to Lohardaga to Netarhat.







Hotels were also booked online. Going to the website of Jharkhand Tourism, I easily found Hotel Prabhat Bihar, saw the rating and very good and the cost and our budget. Rent of two rooms for 6 people including 7200 tax. We had to take two extra beds which charged extra 300 TK per bed.

This time it’s time to pack the bags. Bikes are a very important thing to carry. Three bikes and six riders. I left Kolkata at 4 am on Saturday towards Netarhat. I passed the big trucks on the highway and proceeded to eat the cold air. When I came to Kolaghat, I stopped for the first time. The dhabas along the highway make very good tea. Sher-e-Punjab is a very famous dhaba. After drinking tea, I took the highway again. The dim light of the morning and the sound of whistling cars all around the long highway. Wrapped in a sheet of light fog all around, the red sun shining in the sky is a wonderful feeling. It took a lot longer than we thought. I entered Jangalmahal around 9.30 in the morning. The green forest is cut on both sides of the road playing high and low waves. I saw the work of widening the road in some places. We sat for a while in the shade of the trees and in the gentle cool air. An environment intoxicated by the smell of Mahua on all four sides. After a while I reached Rampur. Then the road is completely empty. I thought I would reach the hotel around 11 pm. I reached Lohardaga around 1.30 pm. After that the mountain path started. There is no one but a fox. Arrived at the hotel at 2.30 pm. I was told by phone that it was not difficult to enter. Everyone was quite tired, eyes were falling asleep.




It was a little late to get up the next day. After breakfast I went out to see the surrounding environment. Our hotel is on a hillside. There are several steps to take, but you have to get on the road. A police camp in front of the hotel. There is also a tall tower like the IGI game. There are a lot of cows roaming around in the back. People don’t have one. Hearing the sound of birds, I went down a short distance and then went up again and turned the Netarhat bus stand. We crossed the bus stand and climbed a hill a long way ahead and sat on a hill covered with dry leaves on all four sides. The sunlight falling through the gaps in the tall trees made the place impossibly beautiful. Didn’t want to get up. We would have stayed a little longer if we hadn’t called from the hotel to eat.
Sitting in the dining area in front of the hotel, looking at the surrounding hills, eating and thinking about where to go in the afternoon. This time I will go to Sunset Point.

After eating, I took my bike and went out towards Sunset Point. I crossed the forest path and walked through the open field and came across some tea gardens. Not as short as our Darjeeling tea tree. There was a huge swamp next to the crowd, we didn’t stand because of the crowd. It looked like something was being shot, or else the place was pretty.
Arriving at Sunset Point I saw a deep forest at the bottom of the mountain range in front. The boards of the Palamo Tiger Reserve are hanging in a few places. We went a little further and sat down on a hill like the picture in front of us. Gradually the whole sky turned red, this is that Mahendrakshan. The sun will set this time. Just the sound of birds on all four sides of the quiet environment. We were speechless and went into a trance to enjoy the scene. I could not understand that the evening came down. Now it’s time to return to the hotel.


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