Never do things like that on a flight.

Who doesn’t like to hang out? And when it’s on a plane, there’s a lot of joy and excitement in everyone. But first of all you should look at your physical condition. We have to take care not to get sick in the middle of wandering. Many people suddenly fell ill while traveling by air. To avoid such a situation, we should take the following 16 ways.

1. Never walk barefoot on a plane

Never walk barefoot on an airplane. While flying in the air, it is seen that the carpet of the aircraft is dirty in various ways. According to the airmen, “We see how the carpet gets dirty, from vomiting to food. Again I see many people go barefoot before going to use the bathroom. We are shocked to see this, because there are so many germs on this carpet, ”said Linda Ferguson, who has been an aviator for the past 24 years. He added, “Never walk barefoot in a bathroom or gallery area, as there may be pieces of glass or something sharp that can cut your leg.”





2. Avoid eating ice

Avoid eating ice A 2004 EPA survey found that only 15% of the 328 aircraft provided clean water. This situation has improved somewhat since the EPA introduced the provision of pure water supply in 2009. Tap water is not supplied to airports but the ice they supply is made from that water. “We tested the water tanks on the plane and found the presence of bacteria in all of them,” Ferguson said. He added, “I always drink bottled water while traveling and that is why so much bottled water is kept on the plane.”





3. Do not spend the entire flight time sitting in a chair

Don’t spend the whole time sitting in a seat. During a long journey in the sky, there is a high risk of developing a disease called deep vein thrombosis. In this disease blood clots form and it usually occurs in the legs. This disease is termed as ‘economy class’ syndrome. It is very easy to get rid of it. For this you have to walk from time to time instead of sitting in the seat all the time on the way and yes, of course don’t forget to take off your shoes!





4. Refrain from wearing contact lenses

Refrain from wearing contact lenses If possible, refrain from wearing contact lenses. When traveling by air, the environment is very dry, which can irritate your eyes. And if you have a habit of sleeping on the road, needless to say, falling asleep after contact lenses is not good for your eyes at all. The eyes are very sensitive, so you have to take care of it.
5. Never close the ventilation hole in the top of the seat

Never turn it off. If you have a cold, doctors advise you to wear a warm dress without turning off the upper adjustable AC. According to them, various germs for this adjustable AC are destroyed before they enter your body. So doctors advise to keep it in the middle or low without closing it completely.




. If any food falls into the tray, do not eat it anymore

Take food that falls into the tray The food serving trays are not washed or purified in the middle of the naflite. These are the abodes of germs. One of the flight attendants said, “These trays are never cleaned, they contain all kinds of germs. Passengers use this tray for various purposes, many times they also use this tray to change the baby’s diaper. Again many are seen sitting with their feet up in the tray. This shows how dirty the trays are and what can happen to you if you eat the food that falls in the trays. Think for yourself.

. Do not use blankets on the plane

It is better not to use the supplied blanket pillow which is not changed. That is blankets and pillows. These are not changed before the start of one journey after another. One of the flight attendants said, “We often see passengers wrapping their feet in the blanket, and many are seen sneezing in the blanket.” His words clearly show how much germs are spread on these blankets and pillows!
. Be sure to drink water





Do not forget to drink water as if the throat is happy? But don’t blame the dry food of the aircraft for this. Airplane cabins are built in such a way that people can breathe even at the highest altitudes. That is why the environment is much less humid. And so you need to drink a lot of water to stay healthy.
9. Refrain from drinking coffee and tea

It has been said before that you should not drink tea or coffee, there is no pure water on the plane and you must not want to drink anything made with impure water. This tea and coffee are made with that same water. So it is better to avoid drinking tea and coffee. Another reason is that tea and coffee contain a lot of caffeine and taking caffeine while traveling by air is not good for health at all.

10. Avoid alcoholic beverages

> Refrain from drinking alcohol. Your body is dry enough to fly. And alcohol makes your body more dry. Needless to say, excess alcohol is not good for the body at all. Therefore, all alcoholic beverages should be eliminated by air.
11. Do not press the flash button in the bathroom

The germs are just like any other place where there are many germs in the bathroom of the plane. So after using the bathroom, you have to wash your hands very well with soap and the flash button with tissue paper.

Press using.
12. Never fall asleep with your head by the window

Never sleep with your head by the window, never sleep with your head by the window, because there are a lot of germs here. Many people sneeze and cough there and of course you should not sleep with your head in the middle of it.

13. Don’t wear shorts

You should wear clothes that cover your body well without wearing shorts because there are many types of germs hidden in the plane seat. And to protect your skin, you should wear clothes that cover the whole body.
14. Inform the flight attendant first if the body is bad

If you feel sick, first inform the flight attendants that you may suddenly feel unwell, in which case the flight attendants should be informed first without feeling ashamed. They are trained to provide emergency medical help. So in these cases they should be informed first.
15. Book your own seat

Do you want to book the seat of your choice in advance or would you like to sit between two unfamiliar passengers? It is often seen that no seat is left except the middle seat. So book the seat of your choice from different online sites in advance.
16. Be sure to take care of the skin

Take care of your skin. Just because you’re on board doesn’t mean you won’t take care of your skin. Of course you will take regular care of your skin. One study found that the amount of radiation a pilot receives in an hour is equivalent to standing in the sun for 20 minutes straight. So it is very important to take care of your skin.
16. Do not fall asleep before take-off

Do not sleep before take off

Falling asleep before takeoff will put more pressure on your ears, which can cause headaches throughout the journey.
16. Refrain from drinking soda

Avoid drinking soda. High altitude can increase the risk of gastric ulcer by up to 30%. So drink plain bottled water without drinking soda.


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