Night tour of Bangalore.

Bangalore has a very cool setting, 80% of the streets are dirty, no matter how many nights you go out, there is no fear that someone will stop you, during the day the crowd of thousands and thousands of people running around, taking pictures, but at night the opposite At 8 o’clock at night all the packing started and after 9 o’clock all the shops were closed, but then another scene, if you walk through any market you will see that they have vegetables or flowers for sale the next morning, no one gives a hand, Looks like there are no thieves in this town
Every day, whether they buy something or not, they buy flowers, put flowers in a small basket and put them in front of the office. I learned from them that women of traditional religion wear different flower garlands on their heads, and Muslim girls wear wooden belly type garlands.
Different countries, different colors, e-pictures taken from Yaswantpur Flower Bazaar till today


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