Nikli Haor Day Trip

You can visit Nikli embankment for a day trip, if you leave Dhaka in the morning, you can visit the whole day and leave for Dhaka in the afternoon. Desert crops that are full or dry fields or shelves in winter are flooded in the rainy season. This place is quite suitable for traveling during the rainy season. Chhatirchar can also be reached by boat from the embankment. Nikli Upazila is flat on one side and haor on the other. Beribandh Nikli Upazila Sadar has been protected from floods. In the rainy season, the water of the river rises and floats away. The waves of the haor water come in the wind and crash into the embankment. The main fun of the haor is boating and filling the stomach with fresh fish curry.



The most comfortable journey to Kishoreganj is by train. A team of 14 of us boarded the Egarasindhu Prabhati train at 8.15 am to go to Kishoreganj from Dhaka. You have to get off to go to Nikli. At approximately 10.30 we landed at Sarachar. If you go down for 1/2 minute on the right side, it means that you will get a level crossing facing the engine. From there you have to go to the left. We have breakfast there in the morning and fix CNG till Nikli Beribadh Payamta. It will take time like 45 / minute, if you don’t say so, it will be dropped in the market. The rent reserve will be 300/400 TK. You can also take a bus from Golapbagh in Dhaka to Kishoreganj. ‘Ananya Super’ and ‘Jatayat’ fare is 250 TK. It will take 4 hours. Nikli embankment in 1 hour by CNG powered autorickshaw from Poolerghat. You can go by car and microbus as you wish.



Leaving all the establishments of Nikli Upazila on the left, proceeding along Nikli Dam, there is a wide haor on the right. Occasional spotted villages and settlements on the horizon. The water on one side and the village on the other, the whole road will attract you to a magical net. The boat dock at the end of the embankment. However, there is no rent control. Depending on the bargaining power of travelers, some hire all day, some hourly. Boat rent is more now because of the busy season. We don’t have a big boat for 2 hours in a team of 14 people. The boatman wants 2400 / – first. Then I couldn’t put a smile on his face even in 1900.



When I got up I said I will go to Chatirchar. In Chatirchar you will find Ratargul’s sadha. We splash in the water there. The water is very deep, if you don’t know how to swim, it’s better to get down. However, you can sit comfortably in the water holding the stalks of the tree. You can also go to Monpura if you want.



One of the experiences of the haor is to fill the stomach with various fresh fish curry from the hotel in Haor. We ate at the Setu Hotel, one of the many intersections at Nikli. The cooking at this hotel is good, they cook at the back of the hotel. We tell them at the beginning of the meal and fix the Bengali set menu. Medium-sized fried puti fish, along with bain fish / pabda fish/shrimp (whichever mind wants) taki fish with lentils and rice. At first, he wanted 250 TK but later he agreed to 200 TK. It is difficult to get thin rice. They cook thick rice.



Reserve CNG from the embankment to Kishoreganj railway station, the fare will be 350/450 TK. Fish fences on both sides of the road. The environment was unstable, it cannot be said. I got off at the station and drove to the Watch Tower near the Narsunda River near Gurudayal College. Tower equal to 10 story building. The whole city of Kishoreganj can be seen standing on it. From there by autobus terminal. I bought a ticket for 250 TK and left for Dhaka.



The bottom line is that wherever we go, we will try to keep the environment pollution-free. If these sights of the world are destroyed by garbage, it is our loss. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the packages of chips, biscuits, or food in a bag and throw it in the bean in the right place while traveling.


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