Nikli Haor, Jangalbari and village tour.

Hey tourists, in the rainy season, haor and its historical places – village tourism can be at the top of the list of tourists. Haor-a horizon wide expanse of water. The vast expanse of the river flows in an enchanting form, blossoming in the water of the mountain slopes. For those who could not go far to see the sea, haor travel is ideal. A trip to Nikli Haor in Kishoreganj district near Dhaka on a long or short trip can be a great way to reduce the stress of urban life in Attapur. Kishoreganj can be visited in a day, two, or three-day trip. The recent Kishoreganj air trip will be remembered as a successful trip in our itinerary. Because the district has not only Haor and Bill Baor, but also Jangalbari fort in the memory of Ala Isa Khan, the top Barobhuiyan masnad of Bengal, the temple and birthplace of the fifteenth-century poet Chandrabati, Asia’s largest Eidgah Maidan Sholakia, Gurudayal College Park, Ogti Mosque, Etc.

Dhaka to Nikli
Kishoreganj can be reached easily by bus, train, and car from Dhaka. The bus goes from Dhaka’s Golapbagh to Kishoreganj. You can go by car and microbus as you wish. From Kamalapur in Dhaka, you can take the Egarosindur Express to Manikkhali station in Kishoreganj and rent a CNG to reach Nikli, 14-15 km away. There is also CNG from Kishoreganj station to Nikli. It will take an hour. The rent is between one hundred and one hundred and fifty rupees. However, it may increase depending on the season and time. It is better to get married. Leaving Kamalapur in the morning of eleven o’clock, he reached Kishoreganj around eleven o’clock in the afternoon. There is an arrangement to go to Kishoreganj by buying a bus ticket from Golapbagh in Dhaka for Tk. In this case, Nikli can be reached in one hour by getting down in Katiadi and using CNG. Katiadi can take three and a half hours from Dhaka. The distance from Sadar to Nikli is 25 kilometers.



There are two routes from Dhaka to Kishoreganj by a three hundred feet road passing through Purbachal, one through Bhairabbazar and the other through Shibpur in Narsingdi. You have to reach Katiadi by two roads first. The road has gone in both directions from Itakhola junction of Dhaka-Sylhet highway. The distance to Bhairab Bazar on the right is more than ten kilometers but the condition of the road is good. There are CNG pumps in many places on this road, it is convenient to take oil and gas in the car. The trip of the eight of us was organized on a holiday trip centered on the Jalalpur Eco Resort in Jalalpur, Katiadi. As a result, we reached Katiadi from Dhaka via Bhairab in a Hayes microbus. The rented microbus charges Rs 5,000 daily, but it allows everyone in the group to get in the car from their homes. Bhairabbazar is 6 km from Khilkhet in Dhaka and Katiadi is 39 km from there. Katiadi can be reached in three to three and a half hours on holidays.



Nikli Upazila is flat on one side and haor on the other. Beribandh Nikli Upazila Sadar has been protected from floods. In the rainy season, the water of the river rises and rises, creating beauty and view of the sea. In the spontaneous wind, the water waves of the haor hit the beriband and crashed. In the morning and in the afternoon, a crowd of people gathered at Nikli Beribandh to enjoy the milk of the sea view.



The main fun of the haor is boating and filling the stomach with fresh fish curry. Leaving all the establishments of Nikli Upazila on the left, proceeding along Nikli Dam, there is a wide haor on the right. Occasional spotted villages and settlements on the horizon. The village on the other side of Nikli is called Chhatiyar Char. Boat wharf at the end of the embankment. About twenty boats are dedicated to haor travelers. However, there is no rent control. Depending on the bargain of the travelers, some people go for a thousand rupees a day, some people charge a thousand rupees per hour. The eight of us rented a boat for an hour and a half and paid 1200 rupees to the boatman and 100 rupees to the boatman but we could not put a smile on the face of the original boatman. Boat rent is more now because of the busy season. It is also known that there is a system of cooking and feeding in the boat for the whole day. You can see the life here by visiting the isolated town of Nikli, Chhatiyar Char. However, when renting a boat, you have to talk about going to Chhatia Char. And if you don’t want to cheat, you have to work hard for a long time. One of the experiences of the haor is to fill the stomach with various fresh fish curry from the hotel in Haor. We ate at the Setu Hotel, one of the many intersections at Nikli. The cooking at this hotel is good, they cook at the back of the hotel. The price here is 50 to 60 TK per fish, along with rice, pulses, and vegetables for 30 TK. This means that fish can be eaten with rice, pulses, and vegetables for one hundred rupees. However, if you take more than one fish, you can taste much fresh fish for three hundred rupees. However, it is difficult to get thin rice. They cook thick rice.



If you travel to Kishoreganj, there are a few things to note here. The first is the Pagla Mosque. In this mosque, people donate cows, goats, gold, silver, and money. Every two months, more than a crore rupees and more than a kg of gold is deposited. A donation box with multiple iron chests has been set up in the mosque for donation. Ten armed Ansars are deployed to guard this donation box. Tourists come in groups to visit the Pagla Mosque. The second note is Sholakia Eidgah Maidan. Although the ground is not very big, Eid Jamaat of one and a half lakh people is held around this ground. Narsunda river has been developed in front of the traditional Gurudayal College of the city and a nice park, Watchtower has been built. Every day travel-loving people gather here. Usha Khan’s Jangalbari fort is not far from this city. Jangalbari has to be reached by Karimganj road, seven kilometers away from the city. Here in the cave of tomorrow





Remains of the fortified monument of Liaman Isa Khan, mosques, schools, colleges, and several tombs can be seen. It is not bad for Muslim tourists to perform ablutions from a nearby pond or tubewell and perform two rak’ats of nafl prayers and leave a prostration mark in the historic mosque. Talking about Jangalbari from Ekrampur junction of Kishoreganj city, CNG or easy bike can be reached here. You can also go here by reserving CNG or easy bike for four to five hundred rupees. In this district there are temples and houses of the ancient Bengali poet Chandrabati. It is also six kilometers from the city. Shahidi Mosque on Station Road, the heart of Kishoreganj city. From here you have to take an easy road to Chandrabati temple by a narrow road. Rent 15/20 TK per person. Easybike drivers will drop off the chairman’s market a little in front of Jalalpur market. From here you can walk to Chandrabati’s house. However, you can also go from the city by reserving an auto.




Kishoreganj station and Syed Nazrul Islam Medical College are more scenic in and around Kishoreganj city.



In Kishoreganj, there are various hotels on Station Road including Dhansindri, Cinnamon, Gangchil, Istikutum, Taj. Numerous hotels near Haor. However, fresh fish curry can be found in Haorpar, and cooked fish curry can be found in Kishoreganj.
There are hotels like Ujanbhati, Castle Salam, Nirala, Gangchil, Riverview to stay in the city. It will not work to find the value. Hundreds of CNG, rickshaws, and easybikes are stuck in the narrow streets of the city.



We combined village tourism with our haor trip to give rural-urban children an experience. For this, we made Jalalpur Eco Resort in Katiadi our food center. The trip from urban Ayesha to Haor, Kishoreganj at the resort, which is three and a half kilometers away from the Upazila bus stand, became quite enjoyable. In addition, I have got the opportunity to see Sheikh Russell Bridge, Paikanbazar Jaltarang Park Trip, rural life.


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