Nikli Haor Kishoreganj.

For a one-day tour, you can visit Nikli Haor, 3/4 hours away from Dhaka on a low budget.
At the same time, it is possible to see the simple life of the people of Haor, to travel by boat, to sit on a boat with shaken legs, to see and walk around the beautiful village which is impossible to wake up in the water, to eat fresh fish, to sit in the breeze of Beribandh. Dapadapi and dipping in the water is a bonus.





From Kamalapur at 7.15 am the train leaves Egarosindhu for Kishoreganj. It will take about 4 hours. 1st class ticket 200, Shovon seat 125. Wednesday Egarosindhu is closed. It takes one hour to go to Nikli Haor CNG from the station. The rent will be around Rs 60 per person (CNG), Laguna (takes Rs 40/50).




From Golapbagh bus stand of Saidabad in Dhaka to Kishoreganj, fare is 220 / -. Time 4 hours.
Gital bus fare from the airport is 210 / (unique super).
Gaital CNG fare from Gazipur crossroads 200 / –
Bus fare 180 / –
Poilerghat Auto Rental from Gaital 20 / –
Nikli auto fare from pool ghat 25 /
CNG / Laguna can also be reached from Poolerghat.
Apart from this, you can also go to Nikli by reserving CNG from Gaital, where the rent can be 80-100 per head.


There are a few quality hotels at the embankment junction. We eat from a hotel on the embankment. The quality of the food is good and the price seems a bit low.

I haven’t seen many residential hotels in the vicinity of Nikli. However, there are a few hotels in Kishoreganj.

Trawler Rental:
Trawler rental for a few (3-5) hours at 1000 / -.
You can also go around with a speedboat.





** The road from Dhaka to Kishoreganj is of good quality. And the road in Kishoreganj seemed good enough.

** Nikli Haor is quite good for traveling during the rainy season.

** Some more places to visit around Kishoreganj city
There is. Such as – Gurai Shahi Jame Mosque, Isha Khan’s house, Sholakia Eidgah, Gurai Oldest Akhra, Pahar Khar Mazar

** You can stay in the boat at night if you want. However, in this case, one must be very careful.

** The place is a little better for bikers.

** If someone leaves Dhaka by bus, they must leave before 6: 30/7. Otherwise the jam can give a good pancake.

** Picks are given without edit.

** And no one will throw dirt while walking around. The place is very clean. Keep it clean for elders. **


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