” Niladri ” travels to ‘Kashmir’ of Bangladesh.

“Niladri” embodied in blue. It’s like getting lost in the blue kingdom. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. This place full of heavenly beauty is not Kashmir in our country! What are you wondering? Don’t be mistaken for Kashmir when you see the picture, everyone knows it as Niladri. Its location is at Tekerghat, Sunamganj. Feel free to visit Sunamganj to immerse yourself in its unique beauty.



Many people go to see Tanguar Haor in Sunamganj. But there are many beautiful places in the vicinity that can sway the mind of any tourist in a moment! One such place is Tekerghat Limestone Lake, an abandoned limestone mine. The locals know it as Niladri Lake. Its name is as beautiful as its form is alluring. If you don’t see it with your own eyes, you can’t believe that the color of water is so blue and it is a magical form of nature. Tila Gula in the middle and the lower part of the hill on the other side is the last border of Bangladesh. The big high hill has a barbed-wire fence. The lake was once a supply of limestone, the raw material of the limestone factory, which is now gone.




How to visit Niladri?



Route 1:

From Dhaka Shyamoli / Mamun / Ena and some other buses go to Sunamganj, get on anyone, the fare will be 550 TK per person. You have to cross the new bridge from Sunamganj and take a motorcycle. If you want, you can reserve a motorcycle directly up to Tekerghat. In this case, the rent can be 300-500 TK and in the middle of the magic river crossing the fare will be 5 TK per person and the rent of a motorcycle will be 20 TK.




Besides, you can go from Sunamganj to Lauder Garh by motorbike for 200 TK. Then you can go to Tekerghat from Barikka Tila on the bank of Jadukata river for 120 TK. The rent of the motorcycle mentioned here is the rent of the whole bike which means 2 people can go on one bike. However, if you pay the rent before the motorcycle, then do not be cheated, they increase the price a little if you see an unfamiliar face.



Route 2:
The Mohanganj Intercity train from Dhaka to Netrokona is called Haor Express. Departing from Dhaka at 11:00 pm, within 200 TK fare, reaches Mohanganj in the morning. The 1-hour road from there is Madhyanagar, a paved road. From there it is very easy to reach the destination by boat, trawler, or speedboat in the rainy season. Boats/trawlers can also be added directly from Netrokona. Netrokona can be easily reached by motorcycle in winter.
Very low cost, comfortable, very easy to reach in less time.
If one wants to take his own car to Madhyanagar (Pipra Kanda Ghat) he can take his own car, microbus or car or jeep. The road is very beautiful.
Shortcut road from Dhaka to Netrokona via Barhatta or Mohanganj to Tekerghat.
Wondering where to stay?



There are several rest houses and guest houses in Barachara market. You can stay there for one night for 200-400 TK. The big market will be visible as soon as Barikka Tila is on the bank. If you want, you can walk from Tekerghat to Barachara Bazaar, it would be nice to walk along the path. There is also a closed limestone factory on the side of the lake where you can stay in your guesthouse if it is empty.

There are food hotels in Barikka Tila, you can also eat at Barachara Bazaar or there is a small market at Tekerghat next to the lake and there is only one hotel for food. Of course, you should know the price first.

Some suggestions:

A large amount of limestone was extracted from here which made the lake very deep. If you don’t know how to swim in the water of the lake, it is better to go down. Don’t go too far down. Since it is a border area so be careful. It is better not to go too close to the border.


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