One day at Hilsa’s house.

A few days ago I came back from Chandpur. The day before he left, his cousin suddenly told him to go to Chandpur. His desire to go to Chandpur is aroused by the beautiful view of the river in the rainy season. So that’s what you think. The next day I went to the launch terminal at Lalkuthi in Sadarghat. The Chandpur-bound launches leave from Lalkuthi terminal. We went to Bogdadia-6 launch. It leaves Dhaka at 8:35 in the morning. Launches are available at Chandpur almost every hour from dawn to dusk.



Deck rent is 100 rupees. And 2nd class chair 150 TK. 1st class AC chair is available for 300 TK. And the price of the cabin is different for different classes. After leaving the launch, we went to Chandpur in about 3 and a half hours to see the Buriganga, Dhaleshwari, and Meghna rivers one by one. On that day the sky was partly cloudy and sometimes it was sunny so the river environment was worth seeing. We request you that since the rainy season is going on, everyone will travel by boat understanding the weather. Since our main target was river travel, we had no plans to go to Chandpur. After reaching Chandpur Ghat, I went to the big station. In front of the wharf, you will find many auto and battery-powered rickshaws to go to the big station. You can go to the big station by auto with 10TK. per person.



In front of this big station are the estuaries of Padma, Meghna, and Dakatiya rivers. So the current of the river is turbulent. Hilsa fish market next to the big station. If you want, you can come there. If you want to buy hilsa, you can go there. After spending time at the big station like myself, I went to the hotel for lunch. I had lunch with fried hilsa, dal, and bharta from a hotel near the gate of the big station. 100 TK. per piece of fried hilsa. I hope you can eat 1 full meal for about 150 TK. The quality of food was not poor but it was not bad. After the meal, I went to Kalibari roundabout. The rent is 10 TK. per person. From there, you can see a building of Sadhana Pharmacy just by looking at the road of Court Railway Station. As soon as you enter the alley next to the building, you will see the famous one-minute ice cream shop in Chandpur.



If you don’t know, you can find out by asking the people there. The price of ice cream is 40TK. You will find many more sweets in the store. If you want you can try. After eating there, I went to the big station again. After staying there for a while, I left for the launch dock. I went and got on the Bogdadia-6 launch again. The launch left Chandpur at 5 pm. When I arrived, I saw fishermen spreading nets in the river and preparing to catch fish. Then the moment of sunset was extraordinary. That’s how I came back to the mechanical city of Dhaka at 8:30 pm. The video given in the post highlights the river scene more. Since it is a rainy season, keep an eye on the weather while traveling on the river.

Note: Wherever you go, make sure that the environment is not harmed by yourself. Throw the garbage in the designated place. Refrain from dumping dirt in the river. We can all keep our environment in order. May everyone’s journey be joyful.


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