One day at Kaptai: wandering and staying.

Take a break from the busy schedule of daily life and come back to Kaptai. This is my first post in the group, so I hope you will look at any mistakes with a forgiving look. I am giving the link of some more pictures of the tour in the first comment.
Our tour plan was to leave Kaptai for the whole day at night and leave Kaptai at night for Dhaka the next morning. So, according to the plan, we all arrived at Kamalapur railway station at half past ten in the night, there were five tourists. The train leaves Kamalapur at 11.30 am. After a comfortable journey in the elegant chair of the Turna Nishita train, we reach Chittagong Railway Station at 8 am. It’s time to have breakfast. One thing to keep in mind is that we could not find the food shops on the other side of the railway station very early in the morning. After leaving the food hotel, take the New Market junction ten or fifteen steps to the left of hand, from where bus No. 1 leaves for Bahaddarhat, it will take a maximum of twenty-five minutes. Tell the bus helper to drop you off at Bahaddarhat terminal, the next stop at Bahaddarhat is Bahaddarhat terminal, rent 10 / –
As soon as you get off the bus at the terminal and cross the road, you will see the bus calling Haptai (Kaptai) and Lechubagan. Some buses go directly to Kaptai and some to Lichubagan. We got on the bus directly to Kaptai which dropped us off right in front of the Zoom Restaurant. If you get on the bus at Lichubagan, you can get off there and take CNG to Zoom Restaurant again.
Or you can take the first bus number 1 without getting off at the terminal and go a little further and get off at the head of Kaptai road, from there you can take the whole road by CNG. However, since the road to Lichubagan is bad, my personal suggestion would be to go by bus. It took about 2 hours and 10 minutes to reach Zoom Restaurant by bus.
Bus fare from Terminal to Kaptai Zoom Restaurant 60 / –
Bus fare from Terminal to Lichubagan 45 / –
We had already booked cottages at Zoom Restaurant, they have three cottages – Helen, Venus and Karnafuli – to stay in the cottages you have to pay 1000, 1500 and 2000 rupees per day respectively.
Zoom Restaurant is run and controlled under the supervision of the entire BGB, there is no restriction on having a family in a cottage but boys and girls must take separate cottages when friends go for a walk together and must take proper permission in advance with reference to a person of defense. One in front of the girls’ cottage and a total of five armed BGB guards in the entire Zoom restaurant area are on guard 24 hours a day, so there was no need to worry about safety. After checking in at the cottage, we freshened up and headed out to Kaptai Kayak Club. Although kayaking and boating were available at Zoom Restaurant, our personal preference was Kaptai Kayak Club – just 100 yards from Zoom Restaurant.







Kayaking per boat costs 250 TK, with student ID 200 TK. In other words, everyone can enjoy an hour of kayaking for only 100 rupees. Kayaking is a different experience, you are floating on Kaptai Lake in the middle of the hill, sitting on a chair in a narrow boat, you can touch the green water with your hands if you want, just close your eyes and think about the scenario. Anyway, the thrill of kayaking you will never understand by reading the travel experience, so you have to do kayaking;)







We did kayaking for about an hour and twenty minutes but we were not charged extra: D
At the end of kayaking, we left the kayak club in a state of extreme hunger, just a hundred and fifty hands in front of the Floating Paradise restaurant and I will never forget the taste of this lunch. Simply the best. He is very hungry, he has a lot of clean and fresh food. And if you look to the right, you will see the mind-blowing view of Kaptai Lake, although the food was so much fun that I did not look at it while eating, but after the meal I sat on a chair on the front verandah and saw the beauty of Kaptai. The hospitality of the owner of the floating paradise and the waiter who served the food was extraordinary. We had four chickens and one fish. We had pulses, potatoes, salad, three cold drinks, and two liters of water. . In all, the food bill of five people was 1090 TK, 50 TK discount was received 1040 / -: p
At the end of lunch we again went in front of Zoom Restaurant to get CNG. From there to Kaptai jetty there is no CNG fare of 25 rupees per person. Going this road with CNG is like a dream, the hill on one side and Kaptai Lake on the other side, your CNG is running on the road in between. On the way you will see the cargo crossing system, if you have permission you can go to Kaptai Hydropower Station. We get off at the jetty, we don’t have a medium size boat from the jetty to land at Navy Lakeview Island for only 75 / -, but we decided not to go to the side of Navy View Island because we didn’t like it, so we told the boatman to take us around the island. To see, Kaptai Dam can be seen from the island, you can go closer if you want. As it was evening we did not go there anymore. After walking around the island, we came back to the jetty, sitting on a small boat on Kaptai Lake and watching the sunset, think of the feeling: ‘) I will remember that time for a long time. The cost of the boat is 75 + 75 = 150 TK. You will get CNG from the jetty to Zoom. After getting on the CNG a little






There are bus counters at Shyamoli and Saudia to buy tickets for the next morning Dhaka-bound bus at Kaptai Bazar, the fare is 550 / – per person. The bus will pass in front of the Zoom restaurant, it will pick us up from there in the morning. At the end of the ticket, I go back to Zoom restaurant in CNG, by then it is evening. Dinner was served at the Zoom restaurant between 7:30 and 7:30 but we wanted to eat hot food a little late and there was no barbecue at the Zoom. So I got out of the zoom and walked back to Floating Paradise. They had a problem with the stove. At first they said that neither barbecue nor grill would be possible that day. Maybe there will be regular dinner. No problem brother, Aisen, I will make arrangements. After happily eating chicken samucha and tea, he was asked to pay the bill at once during dinner: ‘) I left for Jume to come to dinner at 9:15 pm. There are many nice places to hang out in the freshen up zoom restaurant, we sat in a place next to the swing and played UNO for a while, then played ludo with a classical radio song. That’s how the conversation came to be at dinner time. We went and sat on the verandah of the floating restaurant, staring at the stars all over the sky for a long time. Then came the grill, with parota and sauce! After eating the grill while sitting on the verandah, it was time to fly the lantern. We took the lanterns from Dhaka, flying lanterns from a very high floating restaurant veranda right on Kaptai Lake and watching the sky full of stars, think for a while and decide whether to go to Kaptai or not. When you wake up in the morning, you will see the area covered with thick fog, the fog will decrease little by little and you will see Kaptai is a different form of this. Get ready to see all this and get on the Dhaka bus from the front of Zoom Restaurant at 8:45 in the morning.
Total cost (per capita)
Dhaka-Chittagong (Train): 345 / –
Breakfast: 80 / –
Railway Station – Terminal (Bus No. 1): 10 / –
Terminal-Zoom Restaurant: 80 / –
Cottage: Two (Helen and tuberose): 1000 + 2000 = 3000 / -, 600 / – each
Kayaking at Kayak Club: 100 / –
Lunch: 210 / –
Zoom – Kaptai Jetty (CNG): 25 / –
Sampane Ghora: 150 / – (30 / – per person) There are boats of different sizes, depending on you
Jetty – Zoom: 25 / –
Breakfast: 20 / –
Dinner: 120 / – (grill and one parota 100 / -, we took two parota extras)
Kaptai-Dhaka: 550 / –
Total: 2150 / –

Zoom Restaurant: 01811460460
Floating Paradise Restaurant: 01823-930265

We had extra expenses in different ways, like we took the lanterns, some food on the way to the bus on the train. We forgot to get off at the terminal and got off at Bahaddarhat and had to take a rickshaw from there again. Anyway, all in all, go to Kaptai with 2300 TK, I promised it will be a tour to remember for the rest of my life.


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