One day day tour of Mubarak Shah Mosque, Mayung Kapal, District Council Hanging Bridge, Alutila Cave

Suddenly at night a ghost sat on my head and I went to Khagrachhari. Mayung to see the forehead. Although I went there twice before, I came to see Sajek, Risang Jharna and Hazachara Jharna. But Mayung was repeatedly pushed back for the fortune. The thought is the work. There is no ticket for night train from Sylhet to Feni for 250 rupees. I reached Feni station at 5 in the morning and waited till morning. I walked to Mizan Road at 8 in the morning. Even before this he came to Feni 7 to 8 times. But the city of Feni was never visited Mahipal in the city of Feni, and the road on Mizan Road was already Chinese. As the first trip Shanti Paribahan left Mahipal for Khagrachhar at 7.15 am, I had a lot of time on hand.






I reserved a CNG for 6 tour members and paid 400 TK to go to Asa (Mahipal) to visit the Mubarak Shah Mosque in Sharshadi. It is a 400 year old mosque. Thus, one can go to Sharshadi Bazaar with 30 rupees per person. Anyway, I reached the mosque after 30 minutes. After visiting the mosque, Mahipal left. There is no ticket from Mahipal to Khagrachhari for 220 rupees After 3 hours and 20 minutes I reached Khagrachhari. Then it was 11.50 in the morning. Without delay I drove to Jamtali passenger camp 10 per person. If you walk for 10 minutes through the passenger camp or the side road, you will find the Chengi canal. The Basher bridge has been built to cross the canal. I may have crossed the Basin Saco and moved to Tripura. Talking from the shop in the neighborhood, I took a guide and said that I will see Mayung’s fortune




Bargaining 250 rupees fixed 6 Our guide was Pintu Tripura. Very good boy 6 After studying for a degree, he could speak Bengali very well and was very friendly On the way, he fed mangoes to the trees, and on the way, everyone supplied water from the zoom house in the neighborhood. We have to suffer a lot for not taking water by mistake. Please take a 1 liter water bottle in the hands of everyone who goes. Reached Pakka 1 hour 30 minutes (with rest) to Mayung’s forehead made of natural beauty. Many call it the Stairs of Heaven After staying here for 40 minutes, we reached Jamtali camp again in an hour and a half. Talking about going to the district council park, I came to the horticulture park for 100 rupees. Before entering the park, there is a very beautiful and very large Buddhist temple on the side of the road. You can take a look if you want. I bought a ticket for 20 rupees per person and entered the park.

After staying for 25 minutes, I came to the bus stand with a fare of 10 TK per person. From the bus stand, I took a local bus to Alutila Cave with 20 rupees per person. Then at 4 o’clock 20 o’clock 6 o’clock Last bus from Alutila Cave to Chittagong at 5.30. So without delay I went to conquer the cave with a ticket for 20 rupees per person and a torch for 10 rupees. There was an exciting chapter. I went to Chittagong by bus at 5:30 for 140 rupees per person. From Chittagong Oxygen Junction, I rented a local bus for Tk 10 and came to the station. From the station we take the train to Dhaka or Sylhet and go to our destination.

Note: Those who want to implement this tour plan have to keep up with the times. Those who want to go on a trail to Sitakunda this monsoon can go down to Feni and see this unique and beautiful mosque preserved by the Government of Bangladesh.

Last but not least, please don’t leave your used water bottle, packet of chips anywhere near the stairs of heaven. Climb the stairs very carefully. Do not pick anything from mango, jackfruit or bell trees on the way without permission Do not misbehave with local Tripuras. Inside the park you will find a designated place for dumping garbage. Don’t leave anything indigestible there.


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