One day in Kishoreganj in search of tradition.

The day before, I explored Brahmanbaria and took a bus from Bhairab to Katiadi at night. I left a hotel near Katiadi bus stop early in the morning for Kishoreganj Explore. As always, this time too, I took a motorized rickshaw from Katiadi bus station with reserve. I reached Gopinath temple in 15 minutes. After visiting the temple in the morning, I went to Sukumar Roy’s house in the same rickshaw to see the ancestral home of Oscar-winning filmmaker Satyajit Ray. I rented a local CNG from the market and went to Ganj Hat for 30 TK per person. There are Chitai pitha and hot tea at 15 o’clock I had breakfast in the morning. It is worth mentioning that Ganjer Hat is another name of Egarasindur village. It is said that it was famous as Ganjer Hat as it was considered as an excellent place for business, trade, and residence in the area of ​​11 rivers at the mouth of Brahmaputra river.



As the hut is at the confluence of 11 rivers, the locals named 11 rivers Sindu and named the place Egarsindur from Ganj Hat. After breakfast, I took a motor rickshaw with a reserve again. I saw 4 installations in this historic village which are about 400 years old. Sheikh Saadi Mosque and Mahmud Shah Mosque. Then the historical fort of Egarasindu (d. I went to the Bebud Raja Dighi excavated in 1596 AD. After resting for a while on the bank of Subishal Dighi, I went to the police station ghat bus stop. I hired a rickshaw puller for 150 taka. I took an easy bike to Belly Bridge in 3 minutes. From there I went to Gangatia Zamindar’s house. Uthalamabhanga person along with the road bike market gangatiya 15 minutes after the driver approached and said to the landlord’s house, but he was right to go straight down here to go.



I paid 15 TK per person and got down. From there I took a rickshaw for 1 km. I reached the distant zamindar’s house in a short time. After seeing the strangely beautiful zamindar’s house, I came back to the same rickshaw, rent 40 TK. I got the easybike from the place where the easybike was unloaded. Money. I saw the three-domed aesthetic mosque and had a light breakfast. Then I visited Gurudayal College, The Yacht Tower (the gate was closed on Friday afternoon so the tower did not rise), and the historic Shahidi Mosque. It was time for Friday prayers. I quickly rented a rickshaw for 20 TK and went to the country’s largest Eidgah Sholakia Eidgah ground. Although I wanted to perform the prayers, I went there and saw that Jumu’ah is not taught in the Eidgah Mosque. Then I performed another Jumu’ah next to it. Then from the front of Solakia field, I took Shaw to Baulai Zamindar’s house (locally known as Saheb Bari). It is good to know that this is the house of Moniruddin Yusuf, the Bengali translator of the epic Shahnama. There is an ancient mosque next to this beautiful zamindar’s house. I finished the meal.

I ate at a local hut type hotel for only 120 TK. I have 2 cups of tea for this money. I took a rickshaw again, the destination is Isha Khan’s Jangalbari fort and Jangalbari mosque. I reached in 20 minutes, the rent is 40 rupees. Isha Khan defeated Raja Lakshan Hajra and Ram Hazra in 1565 and occupied the fort. He built a three-domed mosque next to it and dug a huge lake. From there I went to Dewanganj Bazar. From there I rented an autorickshaw for 20TK per person. I first went to the house and temple of Chandrabati, the first female poet of Bengali literature, with an autorickshaw reserve for 200 TK. Some poor families now live in this abandoned house. There are 3 huge Shiva temples in front of the house. After spending some time here, I went to the Taljanga zamindar’s house in the neighboring Union Taljanga. This house is also abandoned, but the extraordinary construction style of the buildings will impress you. While saying goodbye to Easybike in Taljanga, I noticed that the daylight has started to decrease.



I quickly got on the CNG and went to Tarail with a fare of 15 TK per person. I left Tarail with a motorized rickshaw reserve for 120TK for Dhala. This century-old giant zamindar’s house has 6 beautiful aesthetic buildings. It was evening when I was returning from Tarail in the same rickshaw after enjoying some football game in the inner part of the house. The last picture of this album was taken at that time. The evening in Kishoreganj is great. With the gentle cool breeze, we felt like we were getting a tired body as we moved forward Or pure tranquility. It was nice to think that I was able to go to all the possible historical places of Isha’khan Kishoreganj. I took CNG from Tarail and went to Kishoreganj city at 60 TK per person. I had already booked a ticket with ‘Rail Seba’ app. I waited. The fare from Kishoreganj to Chittagong is 270 TK.




We have had to make a lot of journeys throughout the day. The most important thing to explore in this way is your mental fortitude. To use the whole time of the day properly, SurIt is important to start your journey From Katiadi to Feni, the total cost of the two was 2310 TKrups, which is 1155 TK per person.


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