One day in Lobachhara near nature.

For a long time, friends were planning to go somewhere together. Today’s problem is tomorrow. As a result, no plan was successful. There was a big reason for this. And that is everyone’s busyness. Some are busy with jobs and some are family.

After a long time on the last day of Eid-ul-Fitr, I suddenly started talking to my friends again about going for a walk. Some want to go far away, some want to go again to some of the sights nearby.






Let me say one thing, we were planning to sit at my house in Sylhet. Some are desperate to get out of Sylhet again. Their argument is that they have visited all the places in Sylhet a few times. Some say it’s a three-day vacation, one day you can spend the whole day with friends, but not more than one day.

In the end I gave the solution. I told everyone we would stay inside Sylhet but go to a place where none of us had ever been before. Everyone agreed as promised.

The next morning (it would be better to say noon instead of morning) we all started our journey in a microbus. Our destination is Lobachhara Tea Garden in Kanaighat Upazila of Sylhet.

Starting from Sylhet Jaflong Road, the micro will go to Kanaighat Bazar, and from Kanaighat Bazarghat you have to go by boat. Listening to the tea garden, many people may think that there is no shortage of tea garden in Sylhet, then why greed? This is the difference between other tea gardens and Lobachhara tea gardens.





It is almost impossible to look back at the sight of the boat. The green and clear water of the mountains will make anyone a nature lover in an instant. And I’m more than happy to have a camera in hand. I was busy taking pictures.

The friends all stared in amazement. This scene can be seen for about an hour and a half. Then, as soon as the boat stopped at the ghat of Lobachhara garden, the scene of picking green tea leaves on the boat came to mind. Tea leaves will be brought from the garden and taken by boat. A short walk to the garden. We had to get permission in advance to enter the garden. As soon as we enter the garden and go inside, everyone is completely silent. Everyone is in this condition after seeing the garden house. Such coexistence of nature and man is rarely seen.

After we sat here for a while and chatted, we all went back to the old days. I ran around like a child for a long time. After a long time, no one missed an opportunity to have a lot of fun.





In the evening we got on the boat again. A canal that flows by the side of Lobachhara originates from the river Lobachhara. There is a very old bridge over this river from which a vague picture can be seen surrounded by mountains on the northern border of Bangladesh-India. The highest bungalow in the garden overlooks the Lobachhara River with its clear water.

How to get to Lobachhara: There are three roads from Sylhet city to reach Kanaighat Sadar. You can reach Kanaighat Sadar directly by bus or CNG-autorickshaw. On the other hand, Kanaighat can be reached through Zakiganj road via Golapganj-Charkhai-Shahbag. Besides, there is an opportunity to reach Kanaighat Sadar via Sylhet-Gachbari road through Gazi Burhan Uddin road.

The maximum bus fare from Sylhet city to Kanaighat Sadar is Tk 80 and the maximum CNG-Autoringa fare is Tk 100. Reserve CNG five hundred to seven hundred rupees. CNG can be added to Kanaighat in three ways.

However, those who want to take a private car can also go. In that case, it would be beneficial to take someone who already knows the place.

In addition, the recent construction of a bridge over the Surma River at Kanaighat has made communication easier.

After reaching Kanaighat, you have to go by boat from the market to Lobachhara. It will cost 30 to 40 TK per person to rent a boat. Besides, if you take a reserve boat, it will not be more than three hundred rupees. And it will take about 3 to 4 hours to go around Lobachhara.

You can easily say that you will be fascinated by the greenery, the beautiful forest, the clear water fountains and the rivers, the stone-rich greed.


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